Apple to extend store hours, retail exec resigns



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    hugodraxhugodrax Posts: 116member
    I will never move to California, no money in the world will motivate me to move anywhere in that state.
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    louzerlouzer Posts: 1,054member

    Originally posted by BuonRotto

    A: just off the Turnpike!

    Antonio's, DeLorenzo's, Gervasio's, Massimo's and Conte's, to name a few. Sorry if doesn't usually come with all that frou-frou weird CA toppings crap, it just doesn't need it.

    What? There's a turnpike in NJ? Where the hell is that?


    Originally posted by BuonRotto

    Hell yeah! There's no such thing as pizza in California! They shouldn't be allowed to call it pizza.

    As anyone who knows anything about Pizza, you really can't get good stuff outside of NY/NJ area. Or, if you can, its because you got a transplanted jerseyite. Oh, and you can't get it cheaper either. Friends of mine from Jersey have tried for years to find passable pizza in MD, and so far the best they've found is Papa Johns (yeah, that's how bad the choices are).

    Of course, since most of the population apparently just knows pizza as what you get when you call Domino's or Pizza Hut or California "Pizza" (to use the word loosely), well, you all just wouldn't understand.

    Oh, and the same things go for Bagels and NY, as well.
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    sandausandau Posts: 1,230member
    well since this is now the pizza thread i might pipe up and say Phoenix, AZ has the best pizza in the US. So says NYC Food Critic Ed Levine...

    "Gotham food writer Ed Levine says that if he could have just one pizza before dying, it would be a tasty little number from Pizzeria Bianco in downtown Phoenix.

    In the just-published Pizza: A Slice of Heaven (Universe Publishing, 2005, $24.95 paperback), Levine declares Chris Bianco's pizza the best in the country.

    "In many ways, it's the definition of a perfect pizza," Levine said Friday from his Manhattan home. He waxed poetic over Bianco's pizza crust (great "hole structure"), the homemade mozzarella, the fennel and pork sausage. When Levine ate at the Heritage Square pizzeria while researching his book, "I was blown away."

    PS: Bianco was born in the Bronx.

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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    Hoagie Haven and Thomas Sweets are still in Princeton, fear not!

    The best pizza ever really does come from Naples, Italy though. It really is on a different level, wood burning brick ovens; light, moist crust; fresh mozarella di buffala; fresh crushed tomatoes; and even anchovies fresh from the Bay taste great as a topping, maybe with a bit of arugala. Mmmmmm....

    In a lame attempt to be vaguely on-topic, I'm surprised Apple hasn't tried to open a Store on Nassau Street in downtown Princeton, or even at one of the local malls which really suck, but there's a substantial Mac user population in the area.

    I'm also surprised no one has yet to accuse this exec of being a traitor to The Cause. </lame attempt to be on topic>
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    kenaustuskenaustus Posts: 916member
    I spent more than a few years in retailing and can see some of non-mall stores opening longer hours, but believe that the early morning openings will mainly serve those taking units for repairs - sort of like an auto dealership. Of course there will be a salesman or two to chat with - just like auto dealerships.

    Late night trading is good for higher priced items as a lot of the time both the wife and husband will go together to look and make a decision. Doesn't matter if you're talking about a new Mac or a fridge it is often a joint decision.

    Opening VERY late, however, doesn't make sense to me. It simply adds payroll hours without significant jumps in revenue. The odd time it's nice is when a new product is introduced and customers will actually line up in the middle of the night to get their hands on one.

    All in all I believe it's an experiment and over time we'll see hours adjusted at various stores to more closely match customer traffic and sales.
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    psychboypsychboy Posts: 46member

    Originally posted by sandau

    well since this is now the pizza thread i might pipe up and say Phoenix, AZ has the best pizza in the US. So says NYC Food Critic Ed Levine...

    I wouldn't trust that guy's opinion any more than I could throw him...he had the gall to say that Chicago pizza doesn't even qualify as real pizza!

    Mmm...deep dish pizza...
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    Originally posted by corradokid

    Soooo... I get to see my over-worked, underpaid Apple Store employee/boyfriend even less due to his having to work even weirder hours?gee thanks Apple! \

    I'm sure their sales metrics will change accordingly as well and the pressure to eek out those extra CPUs, .mac, AppleCare and ProCare sales will increase. Bleh.

    You didn't hear the rest of the plan, did you? They've decided that bathroom breaks detract from productivity, so they will give each employee a fresh Depends at the beginning of their shift and let them fill it up all day long as they continuously pimp Macs and iPods for many straight hours.

    When your boyriend arrives home night after night with a full adult diaper, I think you are going to consider other dating options.
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    bredlobredlo Posts: 14member
    I didn't read all the posts, I don't care about Jersey pizza... I've got Chicago pizza, biotches!

    Anyhow, will these extended hours also be enforced at shopping malls??? I don't see how an Apple store can be the only store open inside an otherwise closed mall, whether indoors our outside in a strip - there just won't be any foot traffic once everybody else goes home for the day....

    Waddaya think? Only the big, freestanding ones then?
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    Originally posted by cmoney

    There's no such thing as pizza in California! They shouldn't be allowed to call it pizza.

    It's definitely worse here. Food in general. You know you're in trouble when McDogfood wins an award for best in its category in the Weekly paper.
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