Apple seeks retail space in China

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Apple Computer is looking to expand its retail initiative to China, an overseas report says.

Earlier this week the South China Morning Post reported that the iPod maker is looking to open three outlets in heart of Hong Kong.

"Apple was eyeing locations for three stores of between 800 square feet and 12,000 square feet," the report says. No further information related to Apple was reported.

A 12,000-square-foot location in China would likely be considered a flagship location even though most US-based stores that fit the flagship profile are nearly twice as large.

Apple began considering a move into China over twelve months ago, as first reported in a Merrill Lynch research note from May 2004.

Also in the far east, Apple is looking to broaden its presence in Japan. The company recently began hiring for stores that will open later this year in Sendai and Fukuoka.


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    Why not Beijing? Don't they want to have a store in place before the Olympics hit town?
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    whytoiwhytoi Posts: 43member

    Originally posted by OriginalMacRat

    Why not Beijing? Don't they want to have a store in place before the Olympics hit town?

    I guess the market on the mainland still isn't mature enough for Apple yet. While HK is a good start given the market is more English friendly and can be a gauge for Apple's eventual entry into the mainland. The major difficulty with Mac's entry into China relates to the various compatibility issues, a) Chinese input still has much to be desired. b) Compatibility with the various web standards on the internet in China (Heavy use of MS browser standards and the various ActiveX and plug-ins). c) Available softwares with good Chinese localization.

    So stores in HK make sense. And given the huge number of mainland Chinese who goes shopping in HK, there may even be a good knock-on effect. And BJ can wait, it's still 3 years away and we may just see an Apple Store there in 2008 if all goes well...
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    sunilramansunilraman Posts: 8,133member
    what about Shanghai? 20 million people

    But yeah, apple needs a very strong apple China team.

    damn, i use to know mandarin (speak and listen) and simplified chinese writing when i was younger.

    also to set up in mainland china a local chinese partner is very important
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