Apple Displays Worth it?



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    im using 2 20" apple displays

    on a dual dvi 6600gt nvidia card

    on an amd 1200 mhz running kde-3.4.1

    0 dead pixels & 0 issues...well setting

    up was a pain but ive posted my

    conf here in another post

    this system also has win2k on a seperate hdd for dual boot

    & i havent had any issues with games so far

    best set of monitors ive ever bought & well worth the

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    gongon Posts: 2,437member

    Originally posted by a_greer

    The one reason, other than priceing, that I will not getan Apple display is the cable is built in, if the cable snags, freys, a pin are SOL, I didnt mind this risk in the days of sub $200 CRTs but with a ~$500+ display, I want detachable/replaceable cables

    You have the exact same problem with detachable cable. The pins in the plugs can break. Still you could argue this is more of a problem for Apple because they only have the substandard 1 year warranty.
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