Apple files for Podcasting trademark



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    vinney57vinney57 Posts: 1,162member
    Tabloid journalism. Apalling.
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    Originally posted by macFanDave

    ...use the Microsoft clunky name "blogcast."

    iBlogCast? Now that's catchy! In an influenza sort of way.
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    Actually, the term "podcast" is a noun, and thus can't be a trademark. Technically, trademarks are "proper" adjectives, and describe the source of the item (good, service) modified by the trademark. For example, Powermac desktop computer (computer from Apple Computer, Inc.) or Coca-cola soft drink (drink manufactured by the Coca-Cola Company).

    In fact, Apple itself is using the term "podcast" as a noun - take a look at the podcast secction of the iTunes music store. There are links like "Publish a Podcast" "Today's Top Podcasts" "Search All Podcasts". Also, look at Apple's iPod page, it's used consistently as a noun there.

    Conclusion: Apple has conceded, at least by implication, that the term "podcast" is not owned by them.
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    Originally posted by Hobbes

    C'mon folks, this is dead simple.

    iLife '06 is coming up this January. Apple jumped on the podcasting phenom with both feet -- the terminology is a marketing win, it fills up iPods (encouraging people to get newer ones), and helps iPods compete with mobile satellite radio players.


    iTunes - organize music

    iMovie - edit home movies

    iPhoto - organize + edit personal photos

    Garage Band - edit + create music, recordings

    iPodcast - edit and create podcasts

    Whether iPodcast will be a component of GB or a separate app, I've no idea, but it's clearly coming.
 me this is the most sensible line of thought that people have proposed.

    apple will need to drive revenue (software upgrades and/or new macs) for the jan-march quarter, and iLife'06 would probably be part of that.

    ...the "OMFG apple is going to lockdown podcasts and itunes and stuff" camp can go stuff this in their "OMFG apple TPM means the end of teh world!!!" folder
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    The jury's still out on whether or not Apple is trying to pull a Microsoft with podcasting. For a look at Apple's sloppy use of XML, read this well informed analysis.

    It is titled "First look..." so maybe there is a more detailed follow up.
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    dfilerdfiler Posts: 3,420member
    That's the type of article that would have been nice to see here. It has clear reasoning and it's criticisms are specific rather than just mud flinging.

    On the other hand, AI bundled everything into a sensationalized piece about evil "proprietery" practices.
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    How anyone can construe this as some sort of Apple power play is beyond me. This is nothing more than Apple trademarking their own catchy name for a technology they are adopting. Like "AirPort," or "Bonjour," or "FireWire."

    It must be a slow news day in Apple-land.
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