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    my bet is on something completely new ...
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    Originally posted by Sport73

    You're right, they'd rather lose billions and potentially the entire company by letting Microsoft and Sony take ownership of the living room, which would ensure that the iPod get surpassed by products that are 'integrated' into their livingroom solutions.

    Steve can hate TV, and the couch potatoes of the world, but he needs them and their money to continue to win. He's got integrity, but not so much that he'll let Apple die just to keep you from gaining 5 pounds.

    another "apple is doomed, if" scenario?
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    South African Slip

    I've been saying it, and now I'll say it even louder: you're all over thinking this bandwidth stuff. The market wants a video iPod, so Apple's going to give us one. I just loaded a bunch of photos onto my iPod photo and was frustrated my home videos won't play on it. How stupid is that? I have a color screen. I have the hard drive space. The competitors' offering plays video. Why wouldn't Apple play catch up?
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    Originally posted by Sport73

    The more I read the rumor sites and the postings of all inhabitants, the more I become convinced that IF Apple were to launch the Video iPod, it would have to be in conjunction with a MAJOR announcement/effort to build content for such a device. Apple can't advocate 'ripping' DVD's, since DVD's are protected and ripping them requires 'illegally- depending upon your lawyer" circumventing or 'cracking' copyrite software.

    So, I clearly can't use the movies I already own. So, I must choose the wine in fron of you...

    Downloading movies sounds attractive, but with bandwidth limitations, high-quality films would still take a LONG time, and there is no indication that Hollywood feels compelled to move in that direction yet, there is simply too much money being made on DVD sales. In addition, with this as "the year of HD" and HD DVD formats on the horizon, it's simply too soon to launch a film distribution online without full HD support.

    So, I clearly can't use the movies from the web...

    TV shows? Music Videos? Video Podcasts? About the only one of these that's immediately viable are Video Podcasts. TV Shows would require the 'licensing' of so many partners it would make the record labels appear easy to deal with (and don't forget that the money to make "King of Queens" still comes from ADVERTISING revenues generated selling commercials during the show). Plus, consumers already have Tivo and On-Demand systems that allow them to watch an episode of "Curb your Enthusiasm" that they happened to miss. Music videos? Maybe some people will like them, but to me the idea of paying for the 4 minute soft-porn, 'buy my album' ADverstisements that are today's videos is an insult to my intelligence. So, Video Podcasts? Maybe, but would Apple really want to launch such a high profile product with the bulk of the content coming from the uncontrolled masses?

    All this is not to say that a Video iPod should not exist, it should, and will. It's also not to say that digital distribution of movies, television shows, and more in a model similar to iTunes isn't the way of the future - IT IS. Only that the timing is not there yet.

    iPods are selling well, and there has been no successful venture yet into portable video. Apple simply doesn't need to jump on it this soon.

    Now, a Mac Media Center:

    Look at the XBox 360, it allows you to connect an iPod for music, a digital camera or flash memory stick for photos, and to connect to a Windows PC for the remote view of content. It also plays games, and DVD's. Sony will launch the PS3, designed to do many of the same things. The battle for the living room is well underway, and Apple can't afford to get complacent. They own music, and in my house that's all music everywhere (via network and Airport Express). They are the best at content creation and content management in the world of digital media (iPhoto, iMovie etc.). Apple needs to fire a shot into the living room wars in order to protect the iPod, continue the momentum of the new role as 'entertainment technology company', and fulfill plans for a Video iPod and more.

    A little box of Apple magic that plugs into your TV and gives you access to all the digital content you own, create, or borrow with Apple simplicity and aesthetic. A built in dock for your iPod, and a 'conduit' to the iTMS that lets you sit back with a few friends on the couch and browse/buy songs with the click of your remote control. Large HD built in for storing songs and content and sharing them to Macs/PC's throughout the home. Eliminates the need for a PC or Mac to make use of an iPod (which opens the market up for iPod to the millions of people too old or 'technically challenged' to rip, mix & burn). Video Podcasts featured, Movie trailers and music videos featured, Then, when the timing is right, digital distribution of movies etc.

    To me, this has to come before the Video iPod.

    Media Center -

    Apple will release something very similar to Akimbo. This is TV over IP. You download shows, just like songs. Using the Podcast subscription method, you can subscribe to shows and as they become available, iTunes downloads it. Once you have it down on the HD, then you can move it over to the iPod AV. The base station of the Ipod AV will have A/V out for plugging your iPod into a TV.

    If you think people don't have enough content today, just think about all the internet video clips you get in email.....jokes, videos, funny commercials. There is more free content out there than you think. If apple is smart, they will incorporate the TV component too, a la Tivo, but who knows. Apple Tivo migh just have to take a back seat to Apple IP TV.
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