Apple press conference in NYC on Oct 19



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    murkmurk Posts: 935member
    If Appleinsiders finally get the stuff we have waited so long for, I nominated this a the theme song for next Wednesday:
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    Originally posted by CosmoNut

    Let's think about this for a moment:

    Apple now has 3 consumer Mac lines (in the iBook, mini, and iMac) and 3 pro lines (in the Powerbook, Power Mac, and XServe). Could we see a new low-end pro Mac or new pro device?

    I don't think a new Mac would be workable in their whole scheme of things, but a new device might be cool if it fit specific needs. Imagine a small, touchscreen PDA device that would have a lot of capabilities of an iPod but be much more powerful. It could display high-end h.264 HD video, play music, display photos, manage your address book and calendar, be able to handle e-mails, and much more. It wouldn't be a tablet per se, but more of a portable information manager. Pros could use it to pass video, audio, or photo dailies where they need to go, keep their schedules and contacts in check, connect to the net via WiFi.

    I'm kind of thinking out loud here, but I'd certainly be interested in one. If you priced them at, say, $499 and $599 and plugged 40 and 80GB drives in them respectively, they could do very well. I know I'd seriously consider one.

    I've been thinking the same thing. It will be a full-fledged computer (Mac) that can be used as a tablet, but done the Apple way - through Inkwell (anyone?). It can also serve as an addition to current Mac (desktop) owners who want something portable but inexpensive. It will sync up perfectly to any Mac (iCal, Adress book, Mail App, perhaps something can be done with dashboard widgetst to sync, share documents/files, all the goodies - seamlessly).

    I think, however, that such a device will have to wait for Intel to fully come on board -if ever.
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    Originally posted by cubist

    Why would Apple come out with that? That's the Palm LifeDrive, and you can buy it today.

    And Palm just jumped into Microsoft's (windows) mobile bed. How about the fact that I have to buy Mark/Space software to make it sync. Oh, a how about all those apps that are available for me to put onto the LifeDrive?

    This thing needs to be like a smaller tablet, bigger than the LifeDrive. Perhaps 10 inch display...see my post above. it should be able to handle more demanding tasks than what the lifedrive accomplishes.
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