10.5 "Leopard"



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    I don't really care about high-tech stuff right now...

    All i care about now is getting the world away from the win32 platform.... .

    This won't happen easily or early in companies, but might happen faster than one might think... well, i hope so

    Thus, what i want:

    - Finder replacement (comfirmed! yes!)

    - More stable networking (might be fixed with that finder replacement)

    - Attract developers from all over the world.. show off what cocoa really

    is about... Make xcode more attractive...

    New developers = faster way of getting new users.

    .net is a big enemey for cocoa... .

    - Individual File/Folder Sharing for the rest of us (put as a duplicate at bugreporter.apple.com, so woohoow again).

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    elronelron Posts: 126member

    Originally posted by kaiwai

    You would have to have a syntax language; for example

    Family Birthday pictures, picture of Pete with a birthday cake, and in jpeg format would have to be done like

    Family Birthday (Pete (Cake)) Format=jpeg

    That's certainly one way to do it and something similar would probably happen under the covers, but Apple would never expose it at the GUI level. A search mechanism that required users to learn a query language like SQL or XQuery is a non-starter.

    If you want to see where Apple could go with Spotlight, go to http://www.compusa.com and search for "hard drive". See all of those categories that come up (Brand, Price, Capacity, etc)? Those are generated dynamically based on the metadata associated with the items returned by the "hard drive" query. Click the 100GB-200GB link under Capacity. Now click $100-$200 under Price. Now look just above the table of categories to where it says CompUSA.com » Departments » Computer Upgrades » Hard Drives » 100 GB - 200 GB(X) » $100 - $200(X) » 62 matching products. Click the (X) next to 100 GB - 200 GB. Now the results show items that match "hard drive" and are between $100 and $200. This is true guided searching with the ability to remove search criteria in any order. If Spotlight doesn't evolve in a similar direction, I'll be surprised.
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    Originally posted by progmac

    i can't believe how many spinning beach balls i get! in finder, in safari, all the time! (but still my 1ghz ibook g4 is clearly normal). So, uh, yeah, fix that.

    Me too! I reckon there's something not right about the way these apps are coded. Take a look at:

    Why does software crash, freeze and hang?

    and you'll see what I'm talking about.

    Is anyone with me on this?!

    Cheers Daniel
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