Front Row on Macmini



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    that's the coolest application i've ever seen/used. its fucking remarkable, so intuitive. why didn't apple do this? this guy needs a job with them ASAP, i agree!
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    Why would Apple release such a great piece of Mac software that was limited to one model due to specialized hardware.... I know all the arguments about the iMac being a new media center, etc., but why shouldn't someone who bought a $3000 PowerMac be able to use Front Row also?

    Seems like the only hurdle in having front row work on any mac successfully is lack of remote control. Works on new iMac with IR port. New apple universal doc has IR port.... Why not just require the Universal dock for Front Row to work? I'd gladly pay for the universal dock to be able to control Front Row on my power mac with a remote control.

    Anyone else think this is likely to happen? I'm not sure, but i think this should work.
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