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    heh. the interesting thing is if you look at the 6month to date graph, it shows AAPL on pretty much a linear trajectory, NOT exponential. just thought i'd mention it.

    disclosure: sunilraman does not own any AAPL stock. when he was working in the USA circa 2000-2002 he foolishly invested in ingdirect.com savings accounts and IRAs. post 2002 he got scared that he would be locked up indefinitely on trumped-up charges by the bush administration. hence, he proceeded to return to australia, convert all his USD to AUD and subsequently blow his cash on sex, drugs, trancemusik, and apple macs. he is currently in malaysistan living with his parents, with only over $1000 AUD in debt left to clear, and ready to look forward to a new start over 2006-2007
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    Originally posted by jasenj1

    Raises hand. Not enough to retire on, though. I only have 100 shares at this point.

    I keep thinking, "Maybe next time AAPL dips I'll pick up a few more shares on margin and do a quick turn around when they pop back up." Thought that when they crossed $40, and $50, now $60!?! Sheesh. What happened to our little AAPL that everyone laughed at us for buying and holding on to?

    They've GOT to be way overvalued at this point. Don't they? \

    - Jasen.

    yeah the weird thing with AAPL is that price:earnings ratio does not really carry that much weight because Apple is capable of creating entirely new markets and then deliver large profits on these markets. essentially, i think this is what the gamble is with apple in 2006-2007

    not bad mate, you made (are making) $4000 in profit.. (edit: assuming you got in at about $20). think of this amount as your apple mac fund to buy goodies like powermac dualie

    if you still feel strongly about getting more into AAPL i feel you should do a dollar-cost-averaging thingy. that is, over a period of time slowly buy more shares. but this means that (1) you believe they will pull off macintel transition (2) that iTMS, iPod, Macs, can give you a price of $80 per share by middle of next year.....
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    Originally posted by dobby

    Did anyone here also buy Apple stock back when it was under $20 per share?


    Yes. I bought a ton at ~$12 share - in 1997!

    But I also bought even more of cisco at $83 a share.
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