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I have had a powebook g4 15" for 1 year and 1 month....

i am a switcher....could not be happier...

20 days after my warranty powerbook's lower memory slot went dead on me......i starting asking around and it would cost me around 700 to fix it. it required a new logic board.

apple finally decided to fix it for me as a one time exeption for FREE....even though it was out of warranty.

that's not all.....i called on a tuesday, recieved the box on wensday...shipped it out after a couple of hours....and got it FRIDAY!!!!

i don't know about you guys....but i have never had a service like that before...when my hp laptop wendt bad on took hp 15 days to "fix" it...and it didn't even work afterwards.....

I am a happy switcher....

share your good or bad experiences with apple coustomer care here please....


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    igrantigrant Posts: 180member
    Before I switched to Apple, I had bought a brand new Compaq 2100 laptop. I had a one year warrenty, and I had to send it to Compaq 8 times, 5 bad hard drives and 3 keyboard failures. And it took about 2 weeks everytime!

    I have never had a problem with any of my macs, where I had to send it back to Apple!!! 8)

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    I love Apple Care. Besides the ability to call for help any time during the 3 years the hardware warranty is worth its weight in gold. Right now I have a Toshiba HD in my PB that is twitching and a free replacement is on the way. While the Macs are of very high quality Apple does depend on component suppliers and there will be a defective item shipped from time to time. One repair service during the 3 years and you're miles ahead.
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    I have a 17" PB and in the course of a year and a half I've already had to send it in twice for repair. One time for a falied logic board (the thing wouldn't even power on) and another for an Airpot card problem and a strange pixel issue: some sort of darkish blob that went over three or four of the pixels.

    I must say that I am very happy that I got AppleCare, other wise I'd probably be screwed. hkbaq is lucky. Both times service has been prompt and timely. Also, I believe the screen isn't covered under AppleCare but they still went ahead and repaced it for no extra charge. So on the service side of things kudos to Apple. I just wish I had never needed to send it in. Or at least not twice in the last 4 months. IMO The best warranty is the kind you never need to use.
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