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    Originally posted by philbot

    How about 4GB flash RAM (or a newer faster variety) just for spotlight indexes and smart folders etc?

    In fact while I'm looking at the remote on the new iMac, why not add a couple of GB ram into that, and create a Shuffle.

    Seems like a cool thing to do, supply a 2GB Shuffle/Remote/Memory stick with every iMac.

    If Front Row gets included in iLife '06 then it would not surprise me if the new iPod Shuffles will be able to be used as a remote.
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    cubistcubist Posts: 954member

    Originally posted by Chucker

    The thread starter was making his story sound like it was a fact. It is pure conjecture, speculation, rumor. Make it sound as such.

    Exactly. In fact, I like to make a distinction between rumors, which ostensibly come from a leak and thus are something someone believes to be actual fact - and speculation, which is something someone acknowledges he/she just made up.

    I have no problem at all with speculation, as long as it is identified as such. Speculating in various areas sometimes brings out great ideas, and/or identifies what's most probable.

    The OP says "It seems as though Apple is looking..." which implies some actual information and/or leak is involved - hence, we reasonably ask for sources.
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    I was with you up until about here...


    Originally posted by webmail

    Carbon Nanotube storage is going to be available in the fall of 2006 as well that blows currently advanced solid state memory out of the water.

    Do you have more information about this? an article or whatever? My understanding of nanotubes is there were still major production hurdles re growing/placing them in an orderly way. This seems like a generous estimate as for release.

    Oh, and re the mention of Samsung and 16GB flash chips. Nope. They announced the coming of 32Gb (note caps, that's 4GB), but I don't believe they will be available until next year. Likely you were refering to 16Gb chips (2GB).

    Not that many people that write articles about such things are always careful about actually specificying the difference between bits and bytes.
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    pyrixpyrix Posts: 264member
    YEah I was a little lost with those carbon nanotube things as well - hook us up with a source. But remember always takes time for these things to be adequenly tested and filter down into new computers, my guess is though the technology may be complete in 2006 (which I doubt), it wouldnt come to computers till 2008-2010.
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    jadejade Posts: 379member
    OS drives on flash make sense, but I would still be concerned about the number of writes OS X makes over time.

    There are a lot of specialized appliances shipping OS on flash for the sort of plug and play instant appliance application. There are in storage, security, enterprise applications and more.

    We are very far away from having primary storage for notebooks on flash. flash is still pretty expensive in the high capacities necessary for computers these days.
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    Originally posted by Chucker

    It does?

    Sources please.

    I guess it depends on what one defines as 'features' and 'performance' - if the started using EFI, which results in lower boot up times, would that be considered a 'feature no found in other Intel based machines'?

    Apple is going to be the show case of Intel technology - so it will be interesting to see what Intel has on the cards, personally, I don't think it'll be radical, but knowing Steve, he'll hype it as if it were the solution to the worlds problems.
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