1GB iPod shuffle returns with 3-4 day shipping

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After disappearing for a few weeks, Apple's 1GB iPod shuffle digital music player has returned to the company's online store. Apple lists the 1GB shuffle with shipping lead times of 3-4 days -- about the same amount of time left before the company will begin shipping the first batch of new 1GB shuffles expected to be introduced early next week at Macworld Expo. In mid-December, Apple removed the 1GB iPod shuffle from its online store, replacing the item with a note that said the player had "sold out for holiday." In the same note, the company promised fresh stock of the players in "mid-January."


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    nagrommenagromme Posts: 2,834member
    I told Apple, look behind the door!

    They wouldn't listen.

    Well guess what, that's exactly where the 1GB Shuffles were stacked all along, weren't they?
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    I'm guessing this means no colors for the shuffle come Tuesday. (?)
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    Probably just a price change? With an additions of new accecories??

    Tuesdays seems to be so up in the air, that I'm giving up trying to guess what's going to be there...

    It's sucking up way to much of my brain.
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    kmok1kmok1 Posts: 63member
    Looks like Apple threw a curveball at us...

    We'll have to wait for the 1GB nano in April or something.
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