Quark Xpress troubles!!!

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Hi everybody,

I need you help, I was trying to free space in my hard disk and use the app delocalizer to deleted all the languages unnecessary in my OS X, then I try yo lunch Quark Xpress 6.1 Passport but It does not work anymore, I deleted la application and use the trouble guide of Quark, I installed again all most of the languages from the Tiger Installer disk but nothing happened.

Can you help me please,



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    Passport is the name for Quark's international Xpress version. What language did you purchase it for? Did you delete that language? I wish I could help but while I know quite a bit about Xpress, I don't know anything about how Passport works with the languages.

    If you go to Quark's website they have a Forum area that is pretty helpful. You might try posting your question there.

    I also believe that Quark now has free customer support although I'm not sure what its limits are. There is also a free upgrade (free upgrade from Version 6) to Version 6.5. That might help you too.

    Good luck with your problem.
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    thanks Dr. VanNostran,

    I tried in many ways at the end decided to formating my hard disk, was difficult decision but my computer had many problems too because a install in-necessaries programs and was running slow,

    thanks for you to be worry.
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