Im new to Macs! Advice much appreciated!



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    Originally posted by MrSin

    Guile99, I'm a computer technician - worked for Sperry Univac starting in 1978 - then Unisys Corp. I'm no longer in the computer industry but, for 23 years I was DOS and Windows all the way. On September 4, 2005 I bought my very first Apple and Laptop / notebook computer, I'm here to tell you - Please, give it a go! My super go daddy 2.4 GHz Windows XP Pro desktop PC now sits idle waiting for the grandkids to visit for it to even get powered on, I kid you not! In closing, I bad mouthed Apples and Macs for YEARS, now I am so sorry for missing out on really great computing during those years. In my opinion, and for what it's worth, you 'owe' it to yourself to experience a platform that "simply works!"

    Say, thats quite an endorsement of Macintosh computers, you should be in a switcher ad. Are there any switcher ads made any more?
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    a_greera_greer Posts: 4,594member

    Originally posted by sammick

    The Mac is really intuitive--it is much smarter than all the people here giving you advice--

    Just plug it in and go-------and have fun.

    This is true, but as a power user of both OSX and windows (9x, 2000+) I must say that you should forget most of ehat windows taught you about how PCs work.

    just think "what is the most obvious way to do this?" and try it, worked 90% of the time for me in my n00b days.
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    you guys gonna flip.. i cancelled my macbookpro!

    reason though was cuz Sony fixed up my Vaio VGN series for a small fee. (motherboard caput after 18 months.. no reason why though..!)

    Anyways, for sure, ill be getting the macbookpro as my next laptop. Didnt really see a reason to have concurrent running ones for now...

    just gotta trash my vaio round till it breaks again.. hehe
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    sunilramansunilraman Posts: 8,133member
    it's alright. the mac love is always there when you decide to join the cult... er, i mean, community. you don't know what you're missing though..!!
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