Second Video Card

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Good Evening --

I have a Dual 2.0 Powermac G5, it already has a video card with two DVI ports on it, but I would like add another card. It can be two DVI ports, but I really only need one. I don't play games, I don't edit movies much, so it doesn't need to be anything special. Currently on my desk I have a 20" cinema display, a 17" sony monitor (both going to the mac) and a dell laptop. I also have a second monitor for the dell wall mounted to the left of the desktop, I want to connect the second input on that (DVI) the mac so I can put up a DVD or TV show on it. I don't consider this to be requiring a great video card, but I don't want something crappy.

Any suggestions on brand/model's I should choose?


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