What's wrong with my iPhoto6?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
When I double-click on a thumbnail in iPhoto6 nothing happens and the app goes to "not responding" I then have to force quit to continue using it. When i click on a thumb and then on the full screen icon the pic opens fine in full screen mode.

Does anyone know why double-clicking doesn't open the thumb in full screen mode like it used to in earlier versions of iPhoto? I'm using 10.4.4 on a PBAL 1.67 Thx.


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    check your iphoto prefs iPhoto>Preferences and check what the settings are for editing. Double clicking has always sent a photo into edit afaik.
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    It's set for editing "in main window" which I think was the way it worked in previous versions. This problem with double clicking just started after installing v.6.

    When I change editing to "use full screen" double-clicking on a thumbnail works fine.

    This seems like a bug.

    Can anyone reproduce "in main window" editing Preference setting causing iPhoto6 to stop working after double-clicking on a thumbnail?
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    regreg Posts: 832member
    I have 6.0.2 and do not have that problem. I have my editing set for Main window.

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