Analyst predicts new Macs will arrive without media event



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    andersanders Posts: 6,523member

    Originally posted by melgross

    Modify that to reflect that the largest sum should equal or exceed your $50.

    yes. Thanks.
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    sjksjk Posts: 603member

    Originally posted by melgross

    The worst morons are on

    It doesn't help that the guy who runs the site is, hinself, a fanboi. He makes more asinine comments than I have ever read here.

    I agree, which is one reason I stopped visiting MDN well over a year ago. It got boringly tiring trying to sanely participate in discussions that too often ended up being overwhelmed with pollution from politically-inflamed potty mouth remarks. Your comment is enough to convince me there's still no reason to go back there.
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    Originally posted by IHATEANALYSTS

    When your climbing up a tree and it's running down your knee

    [spell check],[spell check],[spell check]

    When your sitting in the gutter and your eating bread and butter

    [spell check],[spell check]

    When your walking in the the loft and your tread in something soft

    [spell check],[spell check]

    it isn't very fun when you've got a runny bum

    [spell check],

    [spell check].

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    Stock Analyst are still just pissed that they all predicted the demise of apple in the late 90's while propping up all the dot coms that ended up in chapter 11.

    If Stock Analyst were really that good at predicting stocks, then they wouldn't be writing in Business Magazines and Webpages, instead they would be on an island sipping cristal while banging 10 hot 20 year old super models... That's the reality of the situtation.
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    mr. dirkmr. dirk Posts: 187member

    Originally posted by Anders

    I am ready to put the money where my mouth is.

    If Apple releases or presents any new or "real" updated hardware (mac or iPod or "iPhone") from now and until April 7th 2006 I will give $50 to the person who in return will give me the largest sum if they fail to do.

    Who wants to paly along and what are you prepared to risk?

    Is there any particular reason you chose April 7 as a cutoff date? Or was that just convenient?
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