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    Originally posted by dansgil

    I said eMac, not iMac.

    He is just letting you know that his new iMac is super quiet.

    He is responding to the the "silent" part of your post.
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    Well, my new MacBook Pro (got it early March) is essentially completely silent: the fans hardly every kick in, even while playing UT 2004 on full tilt, and the only thing I can hear is the internal hard drive. When that goes to sleep, e.g. if I'm reading a page and not clicking on any links, even the hard drive turns off and this thing is COMPLETELY SILENT. I can't even hear a sound putting my ear up to the chassis.

    By the way, I have had the fans come on maybe twice since I got it, and even when they do kick in, they aren't very loud.
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    The fans on my old PowerMac G4, on the other hand. Major PAIN, Apple really dropped the ball with those! Talk about a jet engine under your desk. I was not a happy camper at all.

    Other Mac's I have right now is the new Mac mini ("early 2006" model with Intel processor), and that's practically silent as well. I have used (but don't own) the new Intel iMac, and that is completely silent (I only tested it for about an hour, but during that time I basically couldn't hear it at all). The first gen G5 iMac is, while not annoyingly loud, kinda noisy. Especially when you do something intensive and the fans speed up.
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    The fans on my 1-year-old 15" PB have been almost silent, even when they're in high gear because I'm working her.

    However, in the last week or two, the mid-level fan is still very quiet, but when it kicks into high gear it gets gratingly loud, like it had to spit a loogey. It's a very indelicate sound, and I wonder if it has anything to do with dust, since it's out and open a lot.

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