potential swither losing the faith

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hi guys long time reader second time poster.......

i'm a potential switcher and have been since about nov last year and as i'm about to buy i find a reason to have to wait like the move to intel, bigger screens, new versions etc

I decided i wanted a laptop but am now getting worried that Apple have lost their magic.

all i seem to be reading about is broken machine's, faults and Apple not caring (if i spend £2000 uk on a laptop i don't want any dead pixals !!!!!!!)

I know machines can be damaged in transport or arrive faulty, when we brought my partners PC it came dead and i had to re-install the o/s straight away.

are these machine faults such as whining and heat on the MBP's just people expecting to much or have Apple just rushed everything ????? was it like this when they went to power Pc chips ???

help me restore the faith



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    backtomacbacktomac Posts: 4,579member
    Wait 6 months and those issues will be long forgotten.
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    rokrok Posts: 3,519member
    first of all, remember that those who have problems are INFINTELY more likely to complain (and have those complaints recorded/posted) than people for whom everything is working well. think about it... people are more likely to say "ow!" when they stub their toe, but rarely do they verbalize when everything is moving along just fine.

    second, sorry, but dead pixels happen on every generation, but i have NEVER seen one in person. don't take my "random sampling of one" to be a statement of fact, though. just to let you know that not every laptop coming off the line is riddled with dead pixels.

    finally, this is why everyone says that, if you buy "revision A" of any brand-new cutting edge hardware apple ships, you will find (and have to live with) every problem that does not come up in the super-secret testing labs of apple. but also give credit to apple that they will swap out parts on the assembly line if it's a critical problem, firmware updates when possible, and seem to be more responsive to endemic design problems than i hear about from anyone else.

    me? i'll buy the SECOND intel tower they ship, because i know there will be issues out of the gate. but yeah, there may be some "character flaws" even with those, but hopefully no dealbreakers.
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    tednditedndi Posts: 1,921member
    I bought a rev. A MBP and have been happy with it.

    It gets a little hot but not that hot. It had a kernal panic about 3 times but I think that I traced it to the magsafe cord being partially in and partially out.

    All things considered every apple product I have owned has performed above expectations. Except for Aperture 1.0

    Fanboy yes, apologist no.

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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,341member
    People that have working MBPs have no reason to be complaining on a messageboard. Thus you must take some of the issues seriously but also from the PoV that problems generate much more discussion than working products.
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    icibaquicibaqu Posts: 278member
    how many people do you expect to post "just wanted to say that this computer has no issues and rules!"
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    blenngblenng Posts: 17member

    since i started to use a pc as a student (six years ago), i have bought two desktop pc's (one with windows millenium - probably the worst OS ever - and one with XP). both pc's drove me crazy because of all the software crashes and 'blue screens of death'. i also bought two laptops (both XP): the first laptop had a broken optical drive and had dead pixels on the screen. the second also had dead pixels, but on the bright side: the optical drive worked!

    because of the fact that i've always hated win XP, i switched to mac in july 2005, i bought an ibook and just last monday i bought this macbook pro.

    i don't have dead pixels on both screens, both optical drives work and i've only had 2 software crashes on the ibook since july 05.

    my mbp has a whine and its normal temperature is 43°C. but i'm happy with my machines. they have been more reliable than my pc's have ever been.

    and in the end i want my computer to be reliable and i don't want it to crash when i'm about to save my document...
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    voxappsvoxapps Posts: 236member

    Originally posted by rok

    first of all, remember that those who have problems are INFINTELY more likely to complain (and have those complaints recorded/posted) than people for whom everything is working well.

    MacInTouch (AKA MacInWhine) is a prime illustration of this phenomenon. Visitors to that site submit the most esoteric issues, leading a naive reader to assume Macs have an extremely high failure rate. Remember, though, the plural of "anecdote" is not "data."

    For example, I have a first-revision G5 iMac, which is statistically much more defect-prone (motherboard capacitors and power supplies) than other Macs. Mine's 1.5 years old and works perfectly. I'm sure many similar iMacs have failed, but not all, or even a majority.

    Macs do have a certain defect/failure rate, but it is probably comparable or better than the rates of other first-tier manufacturers who make similar products.
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    toweltowel Posts: 1,479member

    Originally posted by icibaqu

    how many people do you expect to post "just wanted to say that this computer has no issues and rules!"

    Just wanted to say that this computer has no issues and rules!
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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    My 6 year old laptop has a couple issues, but my next laptop will still be a Mac. No doubt about it. 8)
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    sororcasororca Posts: 69member
    Cool guys!

    Thanx from an equally new potential windows to Mac OS X switcher.

    I have been stalking Apple Centers worldwide to get a good feel for the operating system and the Macbook Pro.

    Must say I'm impressed with the system, and can't wait to kick Windows XP out of my life.

    "Explorer has made an error and must you must now close all windows"


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    Hej Søren

    Just to help you a tad more - I switched about 2 years ago. In that time i've had 2 Power Mac's at home, 2 iMac's at work, 2 iPods, and various other Apple products ... all of which have run flawlessly from day one!

    I've been working on PC's since the late 80's, and I'm NEVER going back - one thing is their second to none designs, and hardware build quality, but OS X really makes all the difference - Not ONE virus, hackerattack or spyware/Adware. It's ROCK solid, extremly safe/protected, intuitive, logical and fun to use ... 'it just works'

    I'm waiting patiently for my MBP 17", and I'm possitive it will be just as fabulous as the rest of the Apple products i've used!

    Go for it, you won't regret it!

    Best of luck

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    My drummer has a 12" iBook with one dead pixcel and apple care nearly broke her arm to try and get it back... this was a few weeks after purchase! so we are talking the 12 month warrenty not EXTRA purchased apple care.

    its one dead pixcel above the dock that you REALLY dont see. apple care said to keep an eye on the screen and let them know right away if there were any more so they could arrange pick up.

    there hasnt been any more.

    she's since bought apple care "just in case"

    thats my dead pixcel/apple story.

    as to MBP my brother had an early one, it had screen whine AND proc whine plus it got REALLY hot. he took it in, swapped it there and then, no questions asked.

    I've since spent some time on it and its a great machine that WORKS ... yeah its a tad hotter than laptops with lesser procs. but thats to be expected i guess... ANY FAST laptop will have those issues.

    there are now 4 macs in our family with more to follow.

    i wouldnt let anything hold you back

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    samawisamawi Posts: 2member
    Just got my 17" MBP with 2gb Ram and 100GB 7200 RPM HD... This machine is a beauty... No dead Pixels, no noises whatsoever.... quiet as a mouse.... Has been running cool... did a clean install to save about 9.9 GBs off of the factory installation, and transfered my preferences from my old PB... No heat issues either.... Also there have been some complaints about the viewing angle on the display... my can bend to any angle without problem... Highly recommended to anyone in need of a new laptop... This thing ROCKS!!!
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    Thanks for your post samawi - I think way too few people who have a flawless machine take the time to post their remarks, thus giving the idea that almost all 15" MBP's for instance, have a lot of errors ... nothing could be further from the truth, since only people who have a machine, that ie. has an anoying sound will take the time to tell people about it

    You get the idea ... lol

    Anywhoo - congrats on your perfect machine (looks like it's a tendency with the 17") ..... I CAN'T WAIT till mine arrives!!

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    ipeonipeon Posts: 1,122member

    Go with your first decision. Apple makes the highest quality products around and they are whiling to take responsibility when they make a not so good product. Nothing is ever perfect, but Apple's products are the closest to that.

    I know this from experience. Don't let the nay sayers stop you from having what you want.
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    sororcasororca Posts: 69member

    And now it's even faster!!!

    17" is too big to carry around though, so I'll settle for the 15" Macbook Pro 2.16GHz

    Thanx for the advice and info guys, much appreciated as always.

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    new macbook pro 2.16 ghz, no whine and no heat problems. I was really worried about them but like everyone has said, the people with the problems will complain and the people without will say nothing. I know two other people with macbook pros and neither have the whine. It is a problem that needs to be fixed but I don't think its in the majority. Go ahead and make the switch
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    slugheadslughead Posts: 1,169member

    Originally posted by rok

    people are more likely to say "ow!" when they stub their toe, but rarely do they verbalize when everything is moving along just fine.

    Actually, that situation is so rare to me that when things are fine I like to notify everyone.

    Like that one time I studied for a test in chemistry, I stood up and proclaimed "It's OK, I studied." In between the balls of wadded up scratch-paper flying at me, I could tell they were in awe.
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    mr. k.mr. k. Posts: 8member
    Just got a MacBook, and I've been about 90% happy with it. I've heard the "moo" and "whine" and it's soft on my machine, so soft that it only bugs me late at night when it's totally quiet. The heat is a little worrisome, but I haven't had any performance issues like crashing or the screen melting.

    I also had some issues with the wireless but got them sorted out. It's more about the settings on my router and not the MacBook.

    What I like about this machine is just about everything else. Compared to the iBook clam shell I had before it's a huge improvement. It's fast, the keyboard is solid and responsive, the battery life is pretty darned good, the screen is brighter, etc.
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    giantgiant Posts: 6,041member

    Originally posted by Voxapps

    Macs do have a certain defect/failure rate, but it is probably comparable or better than the rates of other first-tier manufacturers who make similar products.

    It seems pretty clear that the current round of portables have had more problems than any in recent memory. I can't think of another time when every forum was filled with people who had to return 2, 3 or more of the same apple laptop for various problems.

    Also, perception of problems varies depending on environment and the individual. On my MacBook Pro, the whine is completely inaudible in some dead quiet environments and loud in others. Heck, I can hear the whine loudly in my office with high ambient noise levels and can't hear it at all in my living room with almost no ambient noise. I don't get it, but it's consistently like this.

    As far as "problems get posted more," it actually goes both ways. I know more than enough people who have had problems with their machines but have never posted about it. Some people just deal with the heat without thinking about it. It's worth noting that the problems you do hear about are the tip of the iceberg. Most people deal with the problem, don't consider it a problem or consider it a problem and just call AppleCare. Only a tiny minority of people with problems actually post to forums about them.
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