Exclusive photos from the Apple Store Fifth Ave



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    joeyjoey Posts: 236member
    Yet another great move by Apple. As a Mac user myself... I look at this and think... "Wow... that's cool"... BUT... the good thing is that it's cool enough to get people to want to go in and see it... including PC users. Given the location, they will also get people with $$ who can afford to try out the stuff... and if they like it, recommend it to their friends. Sort of like the whole iPod thing was supposed to get more people into Apple stores. It MAY (I say "may" because Apple can be full of surprises) never happen, but having one or two machines on display running Windows would be a good thing. While most Mac folks know that the new Macs can run XP... most PC folks still think they can't run their PC software. Apple should really push the fact that their machines can now run Windows just as well as any PC notebook out there (although... they do need to come out with a trackpad driver for Windows under BootCamp... the basic Microsoft mouse driver just doesn't cut it... and the key combo for a right click under Windows is a major pain... but Boot Camp is still in beta so I'll keep my fingers crossed). I installed BootCamp on my MacBook along with XP when I first got it... and apart from installing all the pre-requsite software that you need to put on a new XP install... I haven't booted into XP.
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