Apple to open retail store in Italy this fall

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Apple Computer plans to expand its retail operation to Italy this fall with the opening of a large retail store in Ponte di Nona, a rural area some 15 kilometers east of Roma, AppleInsider has learned.

People familiar with the company's international expansion plans say the store is slated to open this September in the Roma Est shopping plaza, which is currently under construction.

Although the Apple Store Roma will not flaunt the company's largest retail footprint -- typically reserved for flagship locations -- it will conform to the second largest layout and span two floors, these people say.

Inside, Apple will reportedly offer its typically array of products and services, which will include both a Genius Bar and Studio.

Apple began interviewing prospects for positions at the store as early as February through FutureStep, a local recruiting organization. It's believed the Roma store may have initially been slated to open as early as this spring but was pushed back along with the opening of the Roma Est facility.

Prospects selected to become members of Italy's first Apple Retail team will reportedly take part in a 3-month training camp at the company's London offices, at the site of the Apple Store Regent St.

Sources say Apple plans to host performances by several local music artists at the Roma store to help generate foot traffic and promote the company's line of both amateur and professional audio and video solutions.

Italy will mark the fifth country to which Apple has expanded its retail presence. The company currently operates 148 stores that are dispersed in heavily populated regions throughout the United States, UK, Japan and Canada.


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    fuyutsukifuyutsuki Posts: 293member
    Bella Macintosh!
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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 30,863member
    Should be a nice store. Rome is such a cool place. Totally a city alive with the youth of Europe. By the way, I found just about the best place to eat around Italy are those Autogrill locations. They're everywhere. Fantastic food and coffee!

    Now... if you could just combine Autogrill with Apple... hmmm... Applegrill!
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    wilcowilco Posts: 985member

    Originally posted by SpamSandwich

    the best place to eat around Italy are those Autogrill locations.

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    sayheysayhey Posts: 49member
    Nice pictures. This story has been reported on other sites (ThinkSecret, ifoAppleStore, macrumors, etc.) for many months now, but still nice story.
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    lakingsfnlakingsfn Posts: 141member
    Nice looking building for an Apple Store.
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    recompilerecompile Posts: 100member
    Apple has had exquisite taste in the placement of there stores to date, and this is no exception. I remember the days of the "Apple authorized retailers". This was a struggling retail concept that was in effect for many years. Apple's idea was that these stores would actually know the product line in and out. And although it worked better than the effects we have all seen at "Best Buy", it still gave Apple little exposure, and a hassle to the consumer to buy, install, fix and find products in stock. Now, with only 148 well marketed stores in existence, Apple is generating over 1 million new customers per week in there stores. (I believe that was the figure that Tom had released). Way to go Apple!

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    denmarudenmaru Posts: 208member
    Finally some activity in Europe.

    Yes, indeed, a nice location - as soon as they open a store in Austria, I'll work for them :3
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