Apple execs to preview "Leopard" at WWDC



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    sthiedesthiede Posts: 307member

    However, if Apple waits a month and can deliver something compelling...they might be able to wrangle some press away from MS. A post-Vista release would naturally lead to comparisons btw 10.5 & Vista. If OSX does its job, it could be a great time for Apple to use the press to say 'look how much better OSX is than MS's NEW OS.'

    Thats a good statement, but when is Vista suppost to be released? Wouldn't it be sensible though, for Apple to release Leopard either way before the holidays? That way, they can get a lot of copies sold.
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    trobertstroberts Posts: 702member

    Originally posted by Keda

    In this situation, I think they should follow the Vista release.Whatever hype Apple can get from 10.5 will be overshadowed when MS release the next gen of Windows. I don't think there is anyway to stop this flood of publicity, bcs every magazine and newspaper will be doing review, etc.

    1 - Leopard should be released when Apple is ready because it will be in limbo if they wait until Vista is released.

    2 - The press the first OS gets will be overshadowed with press from the second OS, that is true, but the second OS will be compared to the first OS so it is in a position of having to prove itself. If OS #1 has feature 'A' and OS #2 also has fearture 'A' people will be like "So. What else do you have?".

    3 - It would be sweet if Leopard was released at MWSF2007. Steve could demonstrate iLife '07 and iWork '07, which so happen to take full advantage of leopard features!

    Personally, I would like to see both OSes get released the same day, but I doubt the companies would.
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    flounderflounder Posts: 2,674member
    It would certainly be nice if they could offer a leopard/ilife '07 package for a reduced overall price, although I doubt that will happen.
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    I think they should skip a year

    iLife '04...iLife '05...iLife '06... ...iLife '08

    In the same way that they were releasing OS updates at such a fast pace and fragmenting the user-base, the same has happened to iLife.

    By waiting a while to release Leopard, it gave everyone some time to update to Tiger. The user-base isn't nearly as fragmented as it was before Tiger was released.

    Skip iLife this year and focus on iWork '07.

    I wanna see...

    Spreadsheets = Excel

    Diagrams = Visio

    Database = Access
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    dazabritdazabrit Posts: 273member

    Originally posted by Flounder

    It would certainly be nice if they could offer a leopard/ilife '07 package for a reduced overall price, although I doubt that will happen.

    It could happen as a crucial business strategy to further overshadow the Redmond offerings:

    Microsoft is going to bundle their iLife equivalent 'Max' with the Vista OS. So Apple may follow suit and tie iLife to their OS instead of the machine. People who don't want Leopard could still purchase it seperately.
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    melgrossmelgross Posts: 32,977member
    I think that iLife needs to be updated more than that. some of the programs are mature, but some need faster cycling.

    IWork is in the same boat. Pages, in particular, needs more updates/upgrades before it will be seen, and used, for more intricate projects. Ver. 2 is much better, but is still lacking.

    If these are tied to the OS, we won't see a significant upgrade for two years. That's much too long.
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    dazabritdazabrit Posts: 273member
    The thing is they could still market it/sell it as a seperate application and update it in January every year. All they would be doing is including it with the OS 'Aswell'. Each new Mac comes with the OS therefore it would also come with iLife but the others who purchase Leopard as a standalone product could/should also get iLife to rival the redmond offerings.

    It's just a suggestion but Apple are almost lying in their marketing because they are pitching their Hardware/OS Combo against Microsofts standalone OS. The Mac adverts state that it works out of the box... but it doesn't if you purchase the Mac OS seperately. I don't want to fuel the Microsods with another quote of how they are superior because 'Max' is included with every copy of their OS.

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    I haven't had a huge problem using iLife 2005. I mean, if you are buying an upgrade version of Leopard, you probably already have a version of iLife. Honestly, I wouldn't pay that much extra to get a bundled iLife with Leopard. I have no issue with my iLife '05, and will continue to use it on my iBook when I upgrade to Leopard.
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    Originally posted by Fila 11

    I don't understand your rudness FOR GOODNESS SAKE! I was just asking. If I ask something is because I do not have the answer, I am quite new in this world...and it is not through people like you that I feel comfortable or learn.

    My apologies that you took this as a rude comment, it was not intended that way. I did not use profanity, nor direct my comment directly at you. I actually was trying to explain the logic of why one should not expect a release during WWDC.

    And thanks for the back up Mel...
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    Originally posted by Flounder

    Usually they just announce a date and release it, it's not tied to any show.

    I should have said around MWSF 06...
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