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    Just out of curiosity, why has this thread Not been locked ?
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    Originally posted by MrSin

    Just out of curiosity, why has this thread Not been locked ?

    AI is trying to humor Dvorak.
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    "No lock" policy here - it penalizes those who want to continue in an on-topic manner. Locking lets any troll kill a thread just by going off topic, giving power to the troll.

    Instead of a lock, the off-topic posts have been split off to a locked thread and this thread remains open for those who wish to discuss the price of 10.5.

    More work for me, but better for the responsible posters.


    Originally posted by MrSin

    Just out of curiosity, why has this thread Not been locked ?

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    Originally posted by kmhtkmhtkmht

    I bet you most "Switchers" such as my self do not know that when the 10.5 update comes out that we would theortically have to pay up to get it - as far as I knew I just thought 10.5 was just an equivalent to a Service Pack and that I would only have to pay up again for 11.0

    So to upgrade to Vista would not cost you?


    So at least now I am getting to grips with Apples business model which is a profitable one for them but not expensive for the consumer!



    How often do these big number jumps come around? Annually? I was going to plunge some money into Apple stock but I really don't know anymore - Boot Camp gave it an unusually high boost then now it's leveling out - I just don't see that many more WoW tricks up it's sleeve - they did great with the iPod but the sales of just that one item surely can't really sustain a whole company...

    About every 18 months now, you would be wise to wait an extra 6 months or until they get to 10.5.3 or higher. Similar to Windows cycle, aka SP2


    I still find it hard to believe that ever update will cost money... perhaps this is another reason why Windows "Rules"?

    If you feel cheated, then by all means switch back. However as a long time Mac and Windows user, I still like the security and functionality of OSX. The UI is great, stability is good as well, I have not had a system crash in several years, and I hose around in the Apache user.conf file as well as others. These are some of my high points about OSX, oops almost forgot iLife. The point is I would hate to see Apple lose a user but in the real world it happens all of the time, people switching back and forth, for me the value is here.
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    The only reason Leopard is being called 10.5 instead of OS 11.6 or something is because OS X sounds darn cool. I kid you not. Really, I'd say 10.0 to 10.2 were one batch, and 10.3 and 10.4 are the next, sort of a mature version. Apple used to use .0 and .1 as the first half of an OS, and then .5 and .6 as the next. Obviously, OS 9 was just .0, .1, and .2, but my point is that the only reason we're still in 10.x is because the name is cool, and the Cat theme.
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    Originally posted by tonton

    I hope OS XI will drop the OS part and it'll be called "Eleven". Just sounds better than "OS Eleven".

    I agree with you Mac Eleven sounds better than Mac OS Eleven. Not really a big deal though. Im using windows right now and only really used MACs in school, and at my uncles house (he encourages me to switch). Planning on switching sometime after WWDC or whenever Leopard comes out.
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