Analyst: Apple to hit upper-end of guidance



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    Originally posted by sunilraman

    Apple selling a million Macs in a QUARTER is a big fucking deal. Really. Back a few years they used to sell over a million only in a whole friggin' YEAR. IIRC.

    Apple is now the fourth biggest PC supplier in the US. Hopefully, Apple will continue to gain marketshare.
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    Originally Posted by Neruda

    From the article:

    "We have noticed that Apple shares tend to be overbought or oversold," the analyst added. "With the stock now trading at 20 times our calendar year 2007 EPS, we believe there is an over-discounting of Apple's fundamentals and growth prospects that remain among the strongest in large-cap technology.

    Part of this over-discounting is due to several factors, with the delay in the introduction of an updated iPod being on the top of the list, IMO. Look at the upside potential next quarter/year, however:

    -completion of product transition to intel across product line

    -introduction of Leopard. Release sometime next year.

    -release of updated iPod video...

    -introduction of new products (who knows what those will be).

    Short term, expect this quarter's earnings report and announcemnts at WWDC to impact the stock price. The stock WILL go up after the developer's conference. Guaranteed.

    Long term: the stock is a good buy. It is up to you if want to wait until Wednesday.

    Hate to toot my own horn, but the stock was at 51 when I told people on this board to buy Apple stock. Well, okay, analysts placed the upper end of guidance at 80, so I'm not exactly Warren Buffet. The stock is now at 71.48. That is a gain of about $20.48.

    Did you buy any shares, MauiMac?

    More predictions:

    Short term:

    Expect the stock price to be affected by the product announcements expected this month (Sept 12, according to rumors). Notice that I said "affected" and not rise or fall. Reason: there might be some short term profit taking which may cause the price to dip slightly.

    Long term: the stock will hit 80 before Jan '07. All of the positive indicators are still present, with the one negative being the options scandal.

    Disclosure: I do not currently own any Apple stock.
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