Bad experience on a new Intel Mini Solo :(



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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,275moderator
    I've done a little more testing and when Parallels is launching, everything jitters like crazy as before. I checked the CPU monitor and the CPU use is very low. I checked the Ram however and the pie chart showed mostly red and yellow. As soon as I quit the program, the pie chart immediately put 1/4 of it into blue/green.

    This makes sense since Parallels is allocated 176MB Ram and this is probably all that's left after system and applications take their share.

    As for Rosetta, I think it's mainly having issues with 1 CPU. Some apps use 100% CPU even when they aren't doing anything just like Virtual PC used to do sometimes. With just one CPU, that chokes the machine. I noticed something odd though. While I was checking out Parallels, I noticed that Word and Messenger (the only Rosetta apps running) would show as not responding even though they were hidden in the background.

    I wish that there was a better way to run PPC apps. If the system is capable of doing binary translation on the fly, shouldn't it be possible to do a static binary translation? Then that binary would run natively.
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