Bootcamp Macbook and keyboard problem, help!

in Genius Bar edited January 2014

Installing windows on the partition is fine, the keyboard and trackpad work perfectly except once i try to install the mac drivers the kyboard and trackpad stop working can anyone tell how to stop this happening. Its really annoying as i have already tried to install bootcamp once before.

Thanks Chris


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    Would it help if i installed a different copy of windows as i have currently installed a copy of Windows XP SP2 pro Corp edition. i just don't understand why all input methods stop working when i install the Mac Drivers.

    Edit: COME ON SOMEBODY!!!! At least one person should know why my problem arises.

    Edit 2: Fine finally found help on another forum, if anybody else has this problem follow the link, i have yet to try it out as i am at work.

    Edit 3: GRRRR ARGHHH that didnt work either, i used a USB IR mouse that stop working too, its like there is no power to the device so no IR light.

    Anyone, someone help! Please i really need this to work.#

    Edit 4: Whoooo finally installing use a USB mouse with roller ball underneath.
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