Apple to unveil new retail store design features



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    melgrossmelgross Posts: 31,737member
    Originally Posted by a_greer

    Were there prizes? balloons? confeti? cake and coffee? noise makers?

    I don't know, but she got several thousand in prizes, starting with a MacBook.
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    Originally Posted by melgross

    Very 1984ish. Big Brother is watching.

    SCARY. Anybody remember the original Macintosh commercial???

    How the times have changed...

    Any comments, 1984??
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    feynmanfeynman Posts: 1,087member
    Originally Posted by a_greer

    Steve Jobs said that pretty much on CNBC the other day; something like "the number of iPods grows by leaps and bounds every quarter, we dont know when it will stop or slow, we prety much fly by the seat of our pants because we have never had this level of success with anything before; we are in uncharted territory with the ipod line."

    Yeah and with that being said I think Apple want to put as much hype into the new device (what ever the iTV product will be called) just so that they can ensure some kind of success.
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    Wow - an upgraded store for providence!

    I'll be there for opening day, and I'll take as many photos as I can - shall I post them?
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    Originally Posted by spine

    I'll take as many photos as I can - shall I post them?

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