Apple job listing hints at mobile initiative

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
A recent job posting on Apple Computer's Web site for an "iTunes Mobile Marketing Manager" is the latest piece of evidence to suggest the company is progressing with a worldwide go-to-market strategy for its music-enabled cell phone initiative.

In the posting, Apple said the position would be responsible for overseeing worldwide mobile marketing programs for iTunes content and feature campaigns.

"This person will be responsible for working with cross-functional teams, including Engineering and Marketing Communications, and outside partners to develop the program infrastructure and reporting solutions that can be leveraged worldwide," the company said. "The iTunes Mobile Marketing Manager will be accountable for traffic, sales and customer acquisition goals."

In particular, the iPod maker said the marketing manager would be responsible for collaborating with iTunes engineering to build program components as the foundation of the mobile marketing strategy.

Ideal candidates for the position should express "strong knowledge of the mobile marketing ecosystem and infrastructure, from carriers to aggregators to agencies to customers."

Candidates should also have a "strong understanding of the handset technology limitations and their impact on messaging and customer experience," Apple said. Additionally, they should also retain "excellent contacts at US and International carriers" and be able to work with those carriers, worldwide, "to ensure the best coverage and exposure to the potential audience."

Analysts on Wall Street have recently suggested that Apple is looking to time the introduction of its iPod-enabled cellphone with the inflection point in the music-enabled handset market. They expect the Cupertino, Calif.-based company to introduce the device within the next 3 to 6 months.

One analyst has even gone on record in saying he believes the iPod phone has moved from concept to prototype and recently has progressed to near completion as a production unit.

"The design will be an iPod nano-like candy bar form factor and come in three colors," that analyst said.


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