Any C2D MB (not pro) Problems?

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Hi all

I have had a CD MB, but had two logic board updates for that freaking whine noise, anyway, I sent it to apple, and they will send me a C2D shortly, very cool because I'll be getting more ram and a 64 bit processor.

But will it have the same problems?

I heard some had bad usb.

Can it handle a 20 inch display?




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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    bad usb!? I hope not. I have one. So far it's randomly restarted once. That's a really, really fatal flaw. It happened when I closed to the lid to sleep. Barely anything running. Sometimes apps randomly crash iChat (when's the only thing open!) It hasn't acted up too much recently...I'm keeping a close eye on it. If that happens again I'm going to call and ask for a new unit or a repair.
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    As for those other IMO asinine, it's not hot and it doesn't make any odd sounds. Actually it's silent, the fan rarely comes on like it did on my PB. My only hardware complaint is that the edge (bevel?) is just damn sharp. They keyboard is not quite as good as a PowerBook keyboard...but, eh, it's ok. And it will never get as dirty because it's so easy to clean.
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    oxidoxid Posts: 19member

    Is anyone using it with a 19 or 20 inch display that is not from apple?


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    oxidoxid Posts: 19member

    I've received my MB C2D and I'm experiencing fan noise. i hear the fans spinning at a constant speed and not so loud but the noise is like br r r r r r r r r r r r r. Is that normal?

    Also there is a slight CPU Whine.

    Should I contact Applecare again?


    Jeremy Reyniers
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    Originally Posted by Aquatic

    My only hardware complaint is that the edge (bevel?) is just damn sharp.

    If you went to typing classes, you find that it's not recommended to rest your wrist on that sharp (as you described) area when typing.

    As for other issues, I'd say I'm having wireless connection issues at my university campus network (See here), a tiny cosmetic issue around the Apple logo (could be my fault \ ) and a loose (but intact) white plastic near the headphone that makes noises when pressure is applied. Also I've just gotten word that the bezel section with the MacBook logo on it is secured by double stick tape which explains the flimsiness since heat is blowing at it.
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    Originally Posted by scott523

    ...and a loose (but intact) white plastic near the headphone that makes noises when pressure is applied.

    I've got the same problem.
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    I am having problems with my keyboard. When I open a browser, the keyboard will work fine, but there are times when I can't type in it at all. What's happening?!
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    its the program not your computer
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    I hear a tiny, tiny whining noise. Probably the hard drive. It stops for some reason when mousing around the dock. I have to put my ear an inch above the area left of the trackpad to hear it though, and I have excellent hearing. I sure hope that's not what people are complaining about, that would be pathetic. As for fan noise oxid, this thing is VERY quiet. People with fan noise must have gotten a lemon. It's way quieter than the PBG4 12". And very cool, too. I have no idea what people are complaining about, either they got bad units or they are idiots.
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    oxidoxid Posts: 19member

    I have had a sony vaio, a powerbook 15inch, a macbook core duo. and this fan is not as all of the previous laptops I had.

    But the whine you describe is not the same as "the" cpu whine. I call it annoying when I hear it when working on a normal every day distance from it.

    The fan is not as quiet as the core duo. And that's not normal. its really like brrrrrr, it's like the fan is not good aligned on its axe, makeing a defective fan noise.

    I'm going to call applecare back, but this time I don't want to be without it for more than a week.


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    Originally Posted by MacSuperiority

    its the program not your computer

    It must be multiple programs
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    Originally Posted by gocheechoo

    It must be multiple programs

    I think you must be using Firefox 2.0. The keyboard doesn't respond in Firefox 2.0 after you close a separate flash-based window (like a game). It's a weird bug but it can be resolved by switching to another application and then going back to Firefox.
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    My MB C2D fan has a tendency to make a whine at certain rpms. Around 2640 it kicks in, sort of a high pitched "singing" or hum that goes away as the fan either spins up or slows down. Sounds like it is oscillating with something. The next threshold is around 3100 RPM and the last that Ive noticed - and worst in terms of loudness - is at 3678-3680. It really hums here.

    The C2D MB is pretty silent as it is, so the slight whine stands out a lot, even if it is very silent. In a mentally annoying way that is, the noise is not totally driving you up the wall like the CPU/screen whine reported from the MBPs. I've heard that and THAT is horrible. But when I sit working in my silent room, with just the sound of the macbook harddrive and my old wind up clock, this hum gets a bit on my nerves. I can move the fan control slider and it makes the noise go away, untill the automatic sensor next time decides to park the fan speed at Annoying Oscillation Threshold.

    Im still undecided about whether Im obsessing or just should leave it. I mean my old laptop makes a din compared to this and Ive worked on that for years. I have right of return so I got to make my mind up. Is it normal for the MB fans to "hum" at certain speeds? Is it a dodgy fan or something that can be fixed? I probably won't bother swapping it since I love the computer a lot, but I have to this friday to make up my mind.

    Has anyone noticed a similar experienc with their own MB?

    Damn, why do you fall in love with Mac OS X and the MB so fast? ^_^
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    nope, my macbook is perfect
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    Have had my Black MacBook since Thanksgiving. Works like a champ. No issues, other than the somewhat loud but otherwise working fine superdrive. One picky small issue: The front row remote should come in black to match the computer.
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    jeffdmjeffdm Posts: 12,946member
    There will be some faint noises because of the hard drive and fan(s), but it does seem like there is a problem in these cases.
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    slewisslewis Posts: 2,080member
    No real problems, just me busting an HDD by dropping it and having to have that replaced (fortunately my PC still has most of my Data, and .Mac saved me several hours of work, but when I took it in I also picked up an External HDD ) and a couple of Kernal Panics in Messenger for Mac, so if you don't count Human Error or Microsoft Error, no Problems

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    my plastics a bit loose around the headphone jack too. the left side of the keyboard also sounds and feels loose (you can see the backing plastic move when you type). I also have 1 dead pixel and that dreaded high pitched whine (can be got rid of with photobooth bodge).

    Not enough to make me return it though...
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    photobooth bodge???
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    Photobooth bodge:

    when you open photobooth it sends certain cycles through the cpu causing the whine to stop.



    BTW also works when connecting apple wireless migthy mouse
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