Apple acquires firm specializing in broadcast media software



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    If i remember correctly, there were some rumblings early in the year, about

    apple letting loose an extreme version of FCP, and if true this would fit nicely.

    Maybe they have been looking at this company for awhile, waiting for the right

    time to pounce on it and intergrate it to the fold.
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    Originally Posted by JeffDM

    It's basically been on life support for a long time. It used to be included with all new macs, but it's not shipped on any Intel machine and there won't be an Intel port for it.

    Probably the gold standard in testing Rosetta functionality as well, considering AW & ClarisWorks for Kids are some of the oldest, still running (and in use) apps to date...

    I'm sure if a school bought some iMacs (or eMacs), AppleWorks would still be shipped with it.

    It's not like iWork replaces AppleWorks for functionality.
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    This might mean a huge increase in the use of Final Cut Studio by TV stations.
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    eckingecking Posts: 1,588member
    Final Cut in tv stations would be great, I was always annoying for me to have an fcp background and jump on an avid that ran on windows half the time. I say fcp for life, fcp for president!
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    I like all these thoughts, and I think these are all possible. What I wonder about is how this plays into the ipod/itunes story. Clearly apple isn't only about ipods (you don't need to remind me that apple's mission statement is "to make the best tools in the world for creative people") but recall that Disney has its movies on iTunes probably because of using pixar as a bargaining chip, and i suspect the story would be similar with blu-ray and sony pictures if that comes to pass. So what advantages does one get as being essentially a 21st century "broadcaster" by having relationships with traditional broadcasters? Is it the kind of thing where they can sweeten the deal on Proximity products to make moves for content? Just a thought.
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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,428member
    Proximity's Artbox is an Asset Management tool. It's not really involved in content creation other than being a part of the workflow chain.

    Apple sorely needed some sort of Asset/Media managment. Rather than role their own they can just take the best IP from the newly aquired Proximity.

    Clearly there will be an extended High End Final Cut Studio. Apple's bought Final Touch color finisher and now Proximity. Both higher end tools and we know the Shake in its current incarnation is EOL.

    The video production landscape in 2008 is going to be very interesting in Mac land.
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    tenobelltenobell Posts: 7,014member

    The video production landscape in 2008 is going to be very interesting in Mac land.

    I was hoping Apple had already been working to integrate Final Touch and Artbox into its product line up for 2007.
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    iStation here we come.
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