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I registered to ask a question about nonsense spam being code to someone about something, but now cannot locate the thread. The last I read, the nonsense was inserted to get past spam filters. What if the entire email is non-sense? I see a lot of it. Here is an example from today:

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    outsideroutsider Posts: 6,008member
    I don't get it. What's it's purpose? I've been seeing the same stuff and it's baffling. There is no purpose and it's more of a red flag than if it has a subject of "Hi" or "Hello sexy".
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    keotkeot Posts: 116member
    It's spam-filter poison. It's designed (as nonsensical as it looks) to confuse your spam-filter, so that eventually your spam-filter will be marking enough legit emails for you to stop filtering for spam. Hence resulting in you actually reading some spam.

    I'm not sure what to do about these, but I'd guess that you should delete them outright and not mark them as spam.
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    I've enjoyed my random spam. Someone was lazy and just copy/pasted William Shakespeare's "The Tempest" into a series of about 20 emails. Reading it again had been fun.
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