Gov't unlikely to 'nail Apple and Steve Jobs'



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    Hahaha, no doubt. And as of now quinney is winning. anantksundaram is sidestepping the question and resorted to unfounded name-calling. But it's only what, round 4? heh

    Sorry to say that there won't be a round 5.

    It's become quite disappointing -- but not unsurprising -- how many such forums end up with the lcd of arguments.
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    rolorolo Posts: 686member
    That's what I was saying yesterday in another thread and that's what Jonathan Hoopes said today in this article:

    Investors back Jobs as Apple stock probe widens

    AAPL went up .11 after hours and the futures are up on Bloomberg at the moment.

    NASDAQ Extended Trading

    Stock Futures

    Wednesday was a great day to pick up some cheap AAPL shares and call options. Next year will be the greatest year for new products in Apple's history.
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    Originally Posted by BlackSummerNight View Post

    The major sites are starting to pick up the story.

    Jeez, what a load of crap. Just watched the OTM report and it's like a watching a pack of stupid people attacking the only smart guy in the room. Repulsive, but not unexpected.
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    Originally Posted by anantksundaram View Post

    Sorry to say that there won't be a round 5.

    It's become quite disappointing -- but not unsurprising -- how many such forums end up with the lcd of arguments.

    what is lower than name-calling?
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    Here is info on the compensation for Steve Jobs, and the compensation committee for AAPL for 2000-01 (the year in which the first major "backdated" option grants were made to Jobs), as gleaned from their 2001 Proxy statement (filed with the SEC):

    1) During that year, Jobs was given 20 million options in addition to his $1 salary and a Gulfstream V Jet (which the company valued at $90 million), to vest fully by July 2001 (unlike typical grants which had nine-to-ten year maturities).

    2) According to the filing: "...options were granted under the 1998 Plan to Messrs. Jobs [and others]. The options granted under the 1998 Plan were at an exercise price equal to the fair market value of the Common Stock on the date of grant." (Bold mine, since this statement appears to be the one at variance with the backdating claim).

    3) AAPL used to have a compensation committee prior to that year, but it was abolished in April 2000; the entire board (which includes Jobs) voted on compensation issues. (However, Jobs recused himself from the compensation vote).

    4) The rest of the board making the decision consisted of six people, of which five were deemed "independent" according to NASDAQ rules (altho, one of them, Mr. Drexler, then CEO of Gap Inc., had an "interlock" since Jobs was on the board of Gap Inc.), and one of them, Jerome York was deemed "non-independent" according to NASDAQ rules.
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    Originally Posted by mdriftmeyer View Post

    Clearly, you know DICK about the Illuminati and the mere fact that it isn't part of the BUSH NeoCon world.

    Apple is an incredibly talented company and having worked there the notion it has some "inner sanctum" that harkens to hidden mysteries is is absurd as calling Bush an illuminated mind.

    You Misread my post i Said "APPLE IS NOT AN iLLUMINATI COMPANY" if they are not properley reporting the right facts it would be to avoid the sharks who are illuminiati and in on the great scam against the human race.


    try reading before posting please! \
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