Macbook Pro Locks (College Setting)

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I need a pretty good Macbook Pro compatible notebook lock that preferably someone knows works fairly well. I'm willing to spend around $50 if needed. I've looked around Newegg and there's a bunch but I honestly know nothing about their differences. Advice?


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    Here are two good options available through the Apple Store:

    Kensington Slim MicroSaver Lock - $39.95

    MicroSaver uses a unique security slot already built into the flat panel iMac, Titanium PowerBoook G4, G3 and iBook computers. Simply wrap the 6 foot galvanized steel cable around any immovable object, then insert the MicroSaver into the security slot and turn the key. That's it - simple and secure.

    * 40% stronger security cable with aircraft-grade steel cable—powerful protection for notebook computers

    * Patented T-bar lock provides most secure locking into Security Slot

    * Superior lock and cable provides the industry standard for physical notebook computer security

    * One piece design for ease of use

    * A convenient velcro strap keeps MicroSaver compact No messy glue or screws or brackets—does not impact leased laptops for travel or storage.

    Kensington MicroSaver Portable Notebook Combination Lock $24.95

    For keyless security and portability, Kensington's MicroSaver Portable Combination Lock is the ideal solution. This lock rolls up like a tape measure.

    The second one had a review that said, "Great for travel and amazing for college".

    Both will be secure and both should be easy to use and portable.

    Hope that helps!
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    Do not get the kensington lock that uses the barrel shaped key (first product pictured). They can be opened simply using a toilet paper tube rolled up, as shown in this video:

    It's a widely known hack that's been out in the wild for a couple years now. I suggest a combo based lock.
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    Ok, I'll look into that Combo lock posted above and a few others on Newegg. Thanks again, and any more advice would be appreciated!
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