Glossy or Matte MBP screens?



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    Well if you just want an opinion I say get the matte. That's what I have and I find it easier on my eyes. But your mileage may vary.
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    Originally Posted by backtomac View Post

    Well if you just want an opinion I say get the matte. That's what I have and I find it easier on my eyes. But your mileage may vary.

    i do a lot of graphics, web, video editing.

    I am doing this from the last of the Powerbook 17" generation on a Matte screen.

    It works really well.

    however, my friends' Macbook Pro glossy screen really lets you see the color. i would recommend glossy all the way. no holds barred.

    Go gloss.
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    After giving my brilliant reasons as to why I was going to go matt, I finally bought my MBP. Just thought I would follow up. I went into the store to pick up my matt screen notebook and came out with a...


    I ask a sales person for advice. He was a graphics artist and designer. He showed me a demo picture in iPhoto that clearly show the glossy strength. Same pic and settings on both screens. There was a noticeably greater amount of detail in the glossy. Hair, lines in the face, everything. Text really benefits from fine detail. I do more reading and writing form my computer screen that from paper.

    Also, I learned something about glare. Position a matt screen so that it catches a reflection from direct light. The light is diffused over the screen. The end result is that the screen gets washed. It is very hard to see anything on the screen. Now, do the the same thing with a glossy. The screens acts much like a mirror and reflects the light source. This is key. It reflects the light; it does not diffuse it accross the screen. As a result, the majority of the screen is left untouched by the light and remains quite usable, even in direct light situations. This revelation coupled with the fact that images are clearly better looking and more detailed on a glassy made the difference for me. I suspect that by the time I sell this system, there will be plenty of people who will want a glossy. I am very happy with my decision. By the way, this system is Awesome! But what do I know? I've only had it for one day.

    Good night, all.
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    From Apple's website:

    Finishing coat

    "MacBook Pro offers an antiglare widescreen display that?s perfect for color-minded professionals. For a more immersive viewing experience, you can configure MacBook Pro with a glossy finish. This gives everything you see a richer, more saturated feel."

    Let me compare for a moment choosing matte v. glossy screens with choosing headphones or studio monitors for mixing music. I was shopping around and comparing a set of headphones a few years back, and I also picked up some monitors (M-Audio). There is a reason that I bought studio monitors in addition to the headphones that I chose.

    Now, I purchased Sony MDR-700dj headphones. These are strong on the bass. I like that. Just like I like richly saturated colors, and boosted contrast on a screen. I love the glossy screens. But when I purchased the headphones, it became apparent that if I were to mix something with the Sony's enhanced bass, then on a friends system the bass would sound awful. Even less. Less bass??? How was that so?

    If you are mixing something with enhanced bass, to your liking, then the actual bass is weaker on an accurate system with clean sound. Just like on a glossy screen if you are choosing contrast, colors, and saturation the actual version will be weaker than what you see. But wait, you chose the glossy because you like the enhanced aesthetic. Oh shit! Kind of a catch 22. You like what you see, but the final product actually has less of what you like.

    Now I think that it is helpful to think in terms of product here (and that is what other people see when they view your creation), if you are working as a creative professional. And I could be making much ado about nothing (and we probably all are to some extent here), but here is what I would recommend. If you want an exact product, get the matte. If you like the glossy, be conscious of what you have and you'll very likely be all right. Supplement this when you can by checking images on another display (very easy to do by uploading them). Color manage.

    And if you have the bucks (and you like the glossy aesthetic), get the glossy and an external cinema display (at the time of this writing, they are all matte). Getting both is like getting the headphones that sound like you like, and monitors when you want to proof the sound.

    Congratulations on the glossy. I am sure that it is a wonderful machine, and you'll do great with it. I want to go glossy, and get a cinema display. Now I just need to work on getting those bucks.
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    ^ Great analogy. Thanks. C:
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    I just got a refurbished MBP with the glossy screen and I love it, the colors are more vibrant and I don't get alot of reflections, at least not anymore than I saw with me old TI Powerbook. I would say go for the glossy for the color.
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