Apple chief executive questioned by U.S. authorities



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    Originally Posted by sunilraman View Post

    So one scapegoat has been trotted out in public, this Nancy Heinen. Another remains AFAIK not named.

    I think the other was former CFO Fred Anderson.....
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    Originally Posted by Wally View Post

    I think the other was former CFO Fred Anderson.....

    Ah, excellent... To the gallows then....!!!!
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    Originally Posted by anantksundaram View Post

    A serious question: What proportion of Apple's value -- over some reasonable time horizon, and not as seen in intra-day changes -- is attributable to Steve Jobs?

    My view: Around 15% - 20%.

    (Although, the announcemnt effect -- adjusted for market movements -- to Jobs' health-related scare from a couple of year ago suggests a more modest 3% - 4%. (i) This assumes financial markets are reasonably efficient; and (ii) This proportion has probably gone up quite a bit in the past couple of years.)

    Now I took a rough linear line for AAPL and tried to project when it would hit $100, $120...

    Not in terms of hitting it on a up or down swing, but along the linear "average".... Draft:


    Interestingly, this projects

    $100 [""moving average""] around May 15 2007

    $110 [""moving average""] around Dec 01 2007

    $120 [""moving average""] around Feb 15 2008
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    My god, when is this going to stop? Let's burn Steve for 7.5 mil in options?

    1) It's Apple's own money... I could careless who they give it to within the company.

    2) there are many other CEOs that has far better salary, stock options than Steve, are we going to witchhunt and background check everyone of them?

    3) What does the government get out of this investigation??? To uphold justice???

    Oh please, Enron stuff is worth tax payer's money... this is just child's play. I rather see my tax money being spent on building roads than this stuff.
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    Originally Posted by adammbp06 View Post

    See... This is what's really happening. Microsoft is starting to see Apple as a threat. Microsoft, next to the oil, pharmacy and auto companies, has the most powerful lobbyists at the capitol. I'm sure there was some whispering about certain microsoft-threatening computer companies that should be investigated.

    Or maybe Jobs just really messed up.

    Why would that not surprise me?
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    Originally Posted by Techboy View Post

    3) What does the government get out of this investigation??? To uphold justice???...

    Yeah, it's kinda like, what, the "white collar crimes" division at the San Francisco FBI division got nothing better to do? Yeah, you American taxpayers (and I have been for 2001-2002) would be like, WTF? Go do something better with our cash...! (SteveJobs/Apple admiration/fanboism whatever besides the point).
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    This should be a non-issue, Steve is worth every penny he got and in fact, he is worth at least double. Look at all these CEOs who run companies into the ground, Hank McKinnell received a 198 million package for leading Pfizer stock down 40%. How many times has Apple doubled since Steve has been back? Especially the shareholder lawsuits should get thrown out, they have benefited from all of Steve's work and then they slap him in the face like this. It is insane, they should go to hell. I believe that compensation should be directly tied to performance. Steve is not stealing from shareholders. The people who steal from shareholders are those execs who ask for givebacks and paycuts from the union and other rank and file employees while keeping their own pay the same or raising it such as seen in the airline and auto industry as of late. While Apple was doing poorly, Steve got no compensation at all. In my opinion, Apple has the best compensation plan ever. When the company does poorly, the execs should be compensated poorly, when the company is growing exponentially, so should exec compensation.
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