All new designs from Apple for leopard?



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    It's a freaking old design that is loved by many. Just like the previous model. Those handles are the best thing that ever happened to the PowerMac, and I hope Apple realizes that they are a part of the professional Mac workstations essence. If you've ever lugged around Band equipment you'd know what I'm talking about. And with the Mac being a big player in music industry I hope they keep the handles at least because everybody uses them. Before the G3 I had a 9600, and that was such a pain to transport.

    I predict that the new design may be a bit smaller, but it wont loose any drive space, or slots. Hopefully the handles will be there too.

    In my mind, the only thing I would change about the Mac Pro would be to make it as small as possible while retaining the number of hard drive bays available on the current model. And the handles would have to stay. Reguardless of how large or small a tower is, handles like the ones on the Mac Pro should be made a design must. They make everything easier. From lugging it around to different gig locations for recording to something as simple as pulling it out from under your desk to plug something in, they are a lifesaver.
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