Best external hard drive for back-up purposes?



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    Too late, probably, but another vote for WD.

    My 4-year-old LaCie drive just went west (with plenty of alarming clacking noises beforehand, so I managed to back it up).

    The WD MyBook seems less sexy but more robust.
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    Lacie has a great flow, great connection, quite but when it comes to it's physical sensitivity. Sucks!!!

    My Lacie was fall to it's side on the carpet and GONE, not worth to recover years of work files for mucho $$$ When it comes to work, I need safety not the look or design materials. And of course I need speed!

    Two of my friends experience the exact same thing. I wonder why they design the stand vertically and easy to fall to the side, saving space (maybe). If you buy one I will recommend you to toss that stand to the trash, or keep it in case you want to sell again.

    I have my EZQUEST COBRA FW, it's a whore space drive, has internal AC addaptor (so no bundle and tangles) and quite van, not sure if they still sell this this day. I use Mac and I have no problem using it in PC plug and play.
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