Next-gen video iPod still a ways out, sources say



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    Originally Posted by umijin View Post

    Ehhh?? If Apple doesn't release something soon - it's ridiculous. Pretty soon, Joe Average is gonna realize that the emperor has no clothes, other than the iTunes interface. There are plenty of players out there with superior sound quality and screens. Even the new Sony video walkman trumps the iPod's vid play back features. And these days if Sony beats you, that's pretty lame.

    And sorry, the iPhone won't cut it as a suitable substitute for those of us living outside the US.

    right... sony players - notorious for bad hissing or weak amplifiers are better sounding than apple ipods. i don't think so. sony's best amplifier is 5mw *2 and suffers with anything but the smallest of earphones.

    for the hiss, better get a separate headphone amp.

    i have meizu m6 and d2 both touted for excellent sound quality (really if you don't own good earphones maybe this is true) and indeed would love them more than others as true ipod-killers. sound quality has always been a subjective mess. they both hiss more than ipod and haven't line outs via dock nor good software. sony too is missing software. apple has the only portable that has all you need for audio in one package that will do everything and well. the interface across all ipods is the same and each ipod plays the same files minus the shuffle with the audible is it?

    cowon has different file support for every player - annoys the hell out of me. fine, it is small and the amp can power big headphones, but it is small - for portability. the screen buzzes too. apple are the only company supplying a device that is itself a standard. every company has something that may have a feature or two that is better but not as well thought out and often unusable.

    take for instance recording on meizu or d2 - rubbish noisy grainy and only useful for voice recording for lectures - when will i use that? hmmm, never im sure. how bout only recording to wma? that is helpful too eh? you have to then transcode it to another format in order to make it work on any piece of hardware.

    the ipod is a standard and no one can touch the integration and across the board compatibility of the ipod - it is the best - and i am a ginuea pig for the rubbish everyone else puts out.
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    Originally Posted by hobBIT View Post

    There are more and more music players out (or out soon) with lovely big screens. Like the iRiver Clix 2 Same size as the current iPod, but lots bigger screen.

    While the iPhone has a bigger screen it is not suited for video with its 4/8GB

    And I guess that the "up to 6GB" of the iRiver Clix 2 would be better?

    Engadget story
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