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    Originally Posted by Chucker View Post

    Such as when?

    WWDC 1999 for sure. And maybe another between then and now. I can't remember.
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    Given that the new chips don't release till May 6th, it's unlikely Apple will update the MacBook Pros till then at the earliest.

    Although refurbs and second-hands are selling briskly, supplies at the Apple Stores are good.

    Looks like anyone looking forward to an update will have to wait at least six weeks.
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    Originally Posted by onlooker View Post

    WWDC 1999 for sure. And maybe another between then and now. I can't remember.

    Ah, the Lombard. That was one of the first big events of the original AppleInsider, which was only about 6 months old at the time. Of course, this was the last time we did see a PowerBook update at WWDC. That doesn't mean we won't see it this time around though.
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    Originally Posted by Nakki

    They certainly could design their hardware to be more robust tools. But I know they sell computers becuase they look good.

    Does anyone remember the incident in Brazil where a MBP took a bullet and continued to run? I'd call that robust....

    Though, they are a bit flashy for use in the Third World and such. My black-box Dell isn't anything special by any means, but it also doesn't look like anything special, and with all the gaudy stickers, it has anti-theft built in .


    The one major update I would like to see in the MBPs is in the graphics deptartment. Apple seems to constantly be behind the curve when it comes to the GPUs in their machines. I seem to remember the Dual G5 powermacs shipping with a Radeon 9600XT or something, when the same couple of Gs could buy a then-brand new SLI system. Apple is getting better about this (the iMacs have the option to ship with a Geforce 7600), but an x1800 in the 15inch MBP would absolutely make my day. And why shouldn't it have one?

    I'd also like to see innovation in the hdd area. Offering a 7200rpm drive in the 15inch MBP would be a good start. The hard drive is the main bottleneck in notebook systems, and a faster drive especially helps when dealing with graphics or video editing. It would also be awesome to see a Solid State hard drive option, as it would improve battery life, speed, reliability and weight in a fell swoop. This technology is currently just breaking into the market right now, so us cutting-edge folks will have to resort to installing our own.

    But yeah. Better graphics. Faster drives. Anyone who knows more about Apple's policies think these two are possible?
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