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Two thigns:

1) Best FREE video screenshot program

2) Best video screenshot program period.

¡Mucho gracias!


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    I've been looking for this too. I started a thread a few weeks ago but nobody replied. I've only used one video screen shot program and it isn't free. It was Snapz Pro X. In the time that I had it, I only used it twice but it was very good. The only downside I saw to it was that it cost money.
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    Will Apple be adding screencast capability into Quicktime 8?
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    Quicktime 7 already has it. It's called File > Export > Movie to Picture
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    Originally Posted by Northgate View Post

    Quicktime 7 already has it. It's called File > Export > Movie to Picture

    I think you completely misunderstood the purpose of this thread. 8)
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    I use Ambrosia Software's Snapz Pro X2 . It's a pretty cool program, in most respects.

    Smoothly recording Flash video from websites such as YouTube, Google Video etc. doesn't work. I don't know why, but it doesn't. Also, the program uses a fair amount of Processor power.

    For example, when I try to record a ten minute portion of a video playing in QuickTime player, Snapz Pro X's video capture will most likely stall briefly, which means that I would need to re-record.

    I'm using a slightly older Mac, though. Only 1GHz PPC, 768MB RAM. So if you're using a faster Mac, such as a Mac Pro (which your Profile states), that probably won't be an issue.

    Otherwise, Snapz Pro X is a pretty cool program.
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    Originally Posted by Ireland View Post

    Will Apple be adding screencast capability into Quicktime 8?

    Who friggin? knows.
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    The screencasting area is something that is particularly weak on OSX.

    I've used Captivate 2 on Windows and it is an utter joy. As far as I am aware this software is only available for Windows.

    I have used iShowU and would say it is very good for a simple desktop video capture in mov format. The filesize is quite small and you can get results very quickly.

    This is idea for quickly presenting an idea to a friend, or posting a desktop video to YouTube.

    Because it is captured in .mov it is also fine to edit the video in iMovie, which is a bonus.

    If you want to create a proffessional looking flash tutorial with on screen notes and what not then it isn't particularly good.

    Come on Adobe, bring out Captivate for Mac!
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