Best program to convert DVD's to AppleTV



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    Absolutely not. Use Handbrake.

    iv found this one really awesomew nowadays, everybody should have a try.
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    My macbook (Intel Core 2 Duo) usually takes less than 10 min using Xilisoft ripper software

    That would be to just a RIP, ie transfer of the files on the DVD to your Hard Drive.

    To convert it to something useful such as h.264 takes considerably longer.

    I am using Handbrake on an iMac 2.1 Ghz Dual core and it takes closer to real time to convert a DVD using 2 pass encoding ie a 1.5 hr movie takes a bit more than 1.5 hrs to encode.

    Using ffmpegX to convert from one format to another is even slower.

    To those who asked about quality:

    A DVD RIPed to h.264 at 900 bs datarate will turn a movie into a very acceptable 700mb file certainly much better than VCR quality and without the artifacts.

    To get practically DVD quality use 1200 bs or 1500 bs. With 1500 I definitely can't tell the difference from the original.

    Why do it?

    Well it does take time to build up a collection but once you do, they are at your finger tips, have no annoying menus or lead-ups and are very easy to pause or navigate through (just use a slider, no jump to chapters).

    I am well on the way to filling a half terrabyte HD and shall move onto a more secure mirrored RAID Terrabyte or larger HD this year.
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