Adobe ships Creative Suite 3.0 Design and Web bundles, apps



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    Well, it might be obsolete, but that's only because of poor project managing. And perhaps you don't fully realize what this app can be used for. I'm not a programmer, and yet I can do really useful applications with Director. And I can do it fast. That's where its strenght lies. It's easy to program because of Lingo. Flash is a pain to program for us non programmers, I think. It's hard to learn and its grammar is too non humane. And Director isn't primarily for the web, it's mainly for offline applications. As I said before, it's in need of an update, a complete overhaul. I'm sure Lingo and its predecessors has got many awards because of its simple and humane approach to programming, and I hope they'll continue developing it.

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    Well, back then Macromeda was neglecting Director too. It's just...older technology. Lingo is just not very well thought out, the library/asset management is not very nice, the whole workflow is a bit dated. It wasnt made to run on the web, they hacked in these features somewhere along the line...and you can see it when loading Shockwave apps...slower...less "sturdy"...

    Nowadays you can buy "plugins" for Flash that bring some of the dekstop features Director has.

    Real 3d engines are popping up for Flash. it's a matter of time Director is obsolete.

    No let me rephrase: Director has become obsolete.

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    Adobe said Monday that it has begun shipping Creative Suite 3 Design Premium and Standard editions and Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium and Standard editions.

    The expanded Creative Suite 3 family also includes Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium, a complete integrated post-production solution for video and rich media professionals...

    Fully Integrated Design Toolkit Powers Creativity

    Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium delivers an essential, highly-efficient toolkit ... for creating publications, websites, rich interactive experiences, and engaging content. ...

    With Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium, users can experiment with, save, and apply color combinations quickly and intuitively using the new Live Color feature in Illustrator; perform image editing tasks such as selecting image areas, compositing images, and applying filters faster and more flexibly with Photoshop CS3 Extended; master Flash more easily thanks to its new Adobe-standard user interface; and repurpose print content on the web by exporting InDesign CS3 documents as XHTML and the modifying them in Dreamweaver CS3 using CSS.

    Innovative Web Design and Development Tools Maximize Productivity

    Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium edition is a comprehensive suite that combines the essential tools for web and interactive design and development ...

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    Was this a rumor or an advertisement?
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