Information-efficient systems: replacing typing?

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As a friend of mine said, I'm probably late to the party on this, but have you heard of Dasher? It's a gesture-based typing system that, to me, appears like it really may be the next generation of human writing systems.



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    nevenmrgannevenmrgan Posts: 240member
    Highly efficient typing methods have been around for a while, and no one's using them - they're just a total pain to learn, even if once you do learn them, you type like a secretary on ecstasy.

    Dvorak keyboards improve speed and accuracy - and no one's using them. Stenography lets you take notes at breakneck speeds - and only a select few professionals learn and use it. Stenotype machines (like those used by court reporters) let you input hundreds of words per minute - is there a future in the mass market for those?

    Unless most people can look at a basic input device and go, "ah, this is how you use this", it will be a niche product.
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    admactaniumadmactanium Posts: 812member
    Actually, I watched that video and I'm typing this reply on a dasher.
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    admactaniumadmactanium Posts: 812member
    interesting program. doesn't take long to learn. i can see how it would be very fast.
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    audiopollutionaudiopollution Posts: 3,226member
    "In life, I thing sat still be need morse the plans were one color hPees. Don't be"

    I think it needs some work.
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    __mo__mo Posts: 32member
    is this the new way to types sms? i found it quicker than predictive text input, and pretty easy to get used to. I was playing about with it with some other people in the architecture studio today. I suggested it could be used to create a new kind of automatic writing based on the knowledge of the average words in all books ever written. think, the parameters X and Y on the mousepad means you can use a multitude of devices to automatically write (a la surrealsim) - ie midi controllers and n numbers of sensors!

    good post! i enjoyed it


    i wonder how the iphone types text...
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    jiggy05jiggy05 Posts: 37member
    Actually, the slowest part of my typing system is cpu that's between my two ears.
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