Closing the book on Apple's Mac mini



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    cwinnipegcwinnipeg Posts: 32member
    I think it would be great if apple brought out (along with the new iMac) a new Mini-mac that has the ability to connect to the AppleTV... More of a low-cost addon, really. I could see it being a low-profile slab that would fit under the AppleTV, with more USB ports, a bigger HD, an included wireless KB/Mouse, and maybe even a tuner (Ok... well, the tuner is just something I want... I'd like to see something in-house from apple that would be a TiVo killer).
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    jaycrjaycr Posts: 25member
    As with any worthy cause I have gone to the trouble of creating a tremendous petition for all interested to sign:

    I left a field open for "Requested Upgrades" if you'd like to leave comment with your name concerning that.


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    Originally Posted by Brian Green View Post

    The death of the Mini means Steve 0 for 2 on a cube/square design. At least his glass cube store worked out for him.

    You forgot to count the NeXT Cube that makes it 0/3 for computer hardware or 2/6 if you count the iPod boxes fast user switching and the 5th ave store.
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    trobertstroberts Posts: 702member
    Updates the Mac mini needs are:

    1 - Core 2 Duo

    2 - 802.11b wireless

    3 - GMA x3000

    The x3000 isn't needed for surfing the web and answering email, but if Apple is going to have Bootcamp as part of Leopard so people can install Windows then having a graphics card that can handle DirectX 10 eliminates at least one argument for not getting a Mac mini.

    If Apple is going to keep the current prices then bump the memory to 1GB.
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    Originally Posted by kenaustus View Post

    You also get Windows and a huge mass of trial software.

    Don't you mean "huge mess of trial software"?

    I was waiting for a refresh in the mac mini line to replace my old g4 mini. Guess I'll have to wait to see how things pan out.
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    aegisdesignaegisdesign Posts: 2,914member
    Originally Posted by a_greer View Post

    You ignore 2 improtant acronyms GPU, and HDD

    I did not. I mentioned the drive. The GPU is the same on both the Mac Mini and the low end iMac.
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    pairof9spairof9s Posts: 67member
    Originally Posted by cwinnipeg View Post

    "Homosexuality is gods way of ensuring the

    truly brilliant arent burdened with children"

    -Unknown Brilliant individual

    "Hell is God's way of ensuring his children aren't burdened with truly brilliant unknowns"

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    aegisdesignaegisdesign Posts: 2,914member
    Originally Posted by troberts View Post

    Updates the Mac mini needs are:

    1 - Core 2 Duo

    2 - 802.11b wireless

    3 - GMA x3000

    I think you mean 802.11n and GMA x3100.
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    nvidia2008nvidia2008 Posts: 9,262member
    Originally Posted by carlito2 View Post

    i think that your quite right the mini is dead

    it would make sense to kill it and push apple tv.

    if you look at all the push for it the Imac was always the one shown i think we'll see a great new imac and Jobs bury ~(wrongly) the mini........

    black armbands alround on that day

    I believe this to be true, my gut feeling noticed that the writing was on the wall. No real updates for a long while, no Core2Duo, and for a bit more you get an iMac, otherwise get a laptop.

    Apple TV and iMac have essentially closed in on the Mac Mini. Rest in peace, oh headless experiment of Cupertinostein.

    The new iMacs will be ultra slim and ultra teh sexay. MacBook latest Core2Duo looks ripe (as in good), despite 6-bitness. Expect to see major price drops to fend off Leopard holdouts around the back-to-school season. (August, September). Enough to close out the July-August-September quarter in style.

    So Apple TV rocks on, MacBooks cruise through to September (decent price cuts in Asia for MacBooks), and iMac dropped just pre-order for shipping with Leopard (or Tiger shipping with new iMacs in September, in fact, I expect Leopard "promise" for all Macs shipped in September 2007.

    MacBookPro around WWDC makes good sense for mobile developers, alongside full CS3 (AfterEffects and PremierePro) shipping, and FinalCutStudio2 hitting its stride. I suspect a bit of scrambling now to clean up this MacBookPro displays issue.
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    markmark Posts: 143member
    Of all the computers I've had, my minis are my all-time favourites. They're small, quiet, good-looking, reliable, and cheap by Apple standards. I'm just waiting for the next update before getting one for my Mom. The mini also helped two friends switch to the Mac, by simply being under $1000 and headless. I'd be sad to see it go.

    And a hacked AppleTV is no substitute for an affordable Mac.
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    Originally Posted by Jootec from Mars View Post

    A headless Mac would bring many advantages. It would allow Apple to create a highly configurable machine that would suit many people and many price points - from the buyer after the cheap Mac with entry dual-core CPU, Integrated graphics, small hd, combo-drive etc to the serious gamer who wants a quad-core CPU, two dual-core top of the range GPU video cards, large hd, oodles of memory etc. Every body is happy.

    They should call it the MaxiPod. The Apple logo would be red of course.

    <curling up into a ball to await my beating...>
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    eaieai Posts: 417member
    Well, I was speaking to someone just the other day, considering buying a Mac Mini as they can't afford an iMac. Currently they're using one of the original colorful (not bondi-blue) iMacs...
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    I wanted to buy a new computer for my mom who is far from computer savvy. I was looking at the mini as an option. However, I wanted a computer she could use for years to come, and I started thinking about all the upgrades, such as HDD and RAM, I would have to make to get the mini up to where I wanted it to be. As a result, I just ended up buying the 20" iMac for her.

    I think the mini is a great idea though. It just needs to offer more but at around the same price.

    I am thinking that perhaps it is just this version of the mini which is going away. I suspect we will see something new on the lower end. It'll just be a completely new design.

    I am sure Apple still wants to remain big in education. Get the kids hooked early, and what computers are they going to want at home? In college? At work? That starter Mac needs to be inexpensive.
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    Aww thats too bad.
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    greenwiregreenwire Posts: 25member
    When I got an Epson 1800R that required OSX drivers, I added the first PPC Mini and a Gig of RAM. A Newer Technology Ministack now sits underneath for the extra ports and extra drive. That external firewire drive became the scratch disc for Photoshop. This year an external USB2 DVD writer really helps store big files. I know my Mini will never be top of the line. I believe in "pay as you grow."
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    zunxzunx Posts: 620member
    The Mac mini is AWESOME. I hope the Mac mini is not dead or else Apple releases a new headless Mac model. Because otherwise it will be time to head for Windows or Linux at our University. Apple decides.
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    bacillusbacillus Posts: 313member
    Was going to get one to do basic things from the TV. As others have said, they should take the Apple TV, make it 3X taller, and cram in the guts of the Mac Mini.

    I think Apple is not giving the TV connection aspect enough credit - as HDMI/DVI increases, so to would market share.
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    pairof9spairof9s Posts: 67member
    Originally Posted by trevorlsciact View Post

    God told you that himself did he? I don't believe in a God that gets bored with his toys and throws them into fire to watch them burn.

    I think you have a gross misunderstanding of God. Always it seems your type take the figurative to be literal. If you believe, you receive; if you don't, you won't. It's as simple as it needs to be.

    (FYI...I no longer see this as a needed thread on this excellent forum. Should not have started this, so I'll respond no more. God bless you.)
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    He/she must not own a Mac, and just watched the commercials. Macs come with trial software too.

    Originally Posted by a_greer View Post

    Here is what I dont get: sure it is annoing, but that crapware subsidises the cost of the PC...what is so damnd hard about going into add/remove programs and deleteing everything on the first boot up? Then just install what you want and defrag and you are golden...

    Now-a-days it is a lot cheaper to do that than even to build.

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    bdj21yabdj21ya Posts: 297member
    Originally Posted by Porchland View Post

    You're confusing journalists who have web sites from people who happen to know how to type and have web sites. Macrumors goes one step worse and actually cites AppleInsider at its source.

    It's a constant frustration for me too.

    Now that's a bit harsh. I really appreciate the hard work of the Appleinsider staff. I think they provide a great service and deserve whatever money they are making off of this. I was just pointing out a possible improvement in style.
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