ZFS: I thought Steve was going to announce it?



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    forum working finally?? test test
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    So I have a couple of questions about ZFS. I know it's an option on the developer builds of Leopard handed out this year, but can you boot from it? Secondly, if you can't boot from it how does it work?
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    Originally Posted by Dazabrit View Post

    ...and probably an explanation as to how Multi-Touch is already included (but it's just a peripheral feature) as an Input method. CoreAnimation and Res-Ind are what 'developers' need for your MultiTouch solutions. That said I don't think we will be seeing too much MT this year

    No. No Multi-touch. It's not happening. When will you people give it up? Every time I hear the words "multi-touch" in an iPhone/iPod-unrelated topic/thread, I want to barf. Seriously. Multi-touch is, and will be for quite a while, a mobile use only. It isn't developed for ANYTHING in the computer arena. It isn't meant to be used for normal typing functions, and it sure as hell isn't developed for 'tablet' functions. Not to mention that touch screens that large are completely unfordable, and unjustifiable to raise a computer's price by $750-$1,000 or more. Plus, the use of Touch screens is not picking up much (beyond the 3.5" displays for iPhones and later iPods), and nor will the price dropping.

    And furthermore, why in the heck would a developer want to waste it's time and money on something few to no one will be using?

    You're right by saying we won't see much MT this year, because aside from the iPhone, IT'S NOT HAPPENING!!!
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    Originally Posted by shadow View Post

    Apple will talk about resolution independence during the sessions:


    You will find 161: Making Your Custom Controls, Icons, and Artwork Resolution Independent and 1080: Resolution Independence Lab.

    Hope we will have some hints from after the WWDC from developers!

    When are these sessions? Have they happened yet?
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    Originally Posted by mcarling View Post

    When are these sessions? Have they happened yet?

    The presentation and Lab on resolution independence is scheduled for Friday afternoon (June 15).
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