AT&T stores to close, re-open ahead of iPhone



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    The way the iPhone website is showing the "wired headset with mike" on the gallery page gives the impression that it comes standard with it. Although, a headset isn't required as it is for iPod because iPhone has speakers and a mike built into the case. Sounds like it will be included, though, especially when you look closely at this wording:


    For its part, Apple has announced plans to market one of its own accessories alongside iPhone -- a wireless Bluetooth headset, which recently received the green light from regulators at the FCC.

    Pricing details and availability for the Apple accessory have not been released.

    Note that is "accessory" in the last sentence and "one of its own accessories" in the first sentence.

    So, I wonder what other accessories Apple has planned for iPhone?

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    It wasn't just that they're trying to get TV news airtime of lines of people waiting to get into AT&T stores and Apple stores that the 6 pm starting time was chosen. FedEx is also the reason:

    ...6pm launch is likely the result of a next-day, 6pm delivery cutoff by AT&T's distribution agent -- FedEx. You don't think these babies are just going to be sitting around in the stock room do you?

    Besides being the biggest day in AT&T history, might be the biggest day in FedEx history, shipping all those iPhones to AT&T stores and Apples stores across the country between 4 pm and 6 pm local time in each time zone.

    Here's more, from the Naples, Florida Daily News:

    June 23, 2007 -- "FedEx won’t deliver the actual phones to the store until Friday at 4 p.m., two hours before they go on sale at 6 p.m."

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