Gently now: Why are some iApps so slow?



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    [quote]Originally posted by spooky:

    <strong>given that X and iapps have been out for so long now how come this optimising hasn't been completed yet? Is this the future for mac users under the X era? Forever muttering "I'm sure apple will optimise it and sort out the speed issues eventually".</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Isn't this the first real upgrade for iPhoto? I know iMovie has been updated, but now that it has been redone so it doesn't set its own screen (isn't that what Steve said?) Therre might be a few 'issues' with the way it behaves (resizes)

    [quote]<strong>isn't there anyone out there fed up with the fact that a couple of years down the X road we have performance levels that still don't match 9 - never mind exceed it?</strong><hr></blockquote>

    I don't expect much improvement on my machine due to its age. The fact I can still use it with modern apps has kept me quite happy. You are right, though. OSX has to begin living up to its potential. Every update of the OS has seen greater increases in speed and consistency in behaviour. (How much of the appearance of the iApps is handled by the system, and how much is developed from scratch?)

    [quote]<strong>WHEN exactly is X going to fly? Or is it that there are enough blinkered people out there prepared to put up with it for apple not to worry?</strong><hr></blockquote>

    I would rather have the robust nature of OS10 with slight speed loss due to its low age than the fragility and openess to virusses of Windows and its 'speediness'.
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    Double post (oops)

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    [quote]Originally posted by Paul:


    are you sure you arnt running iTunes in Classic?</strong><hr></blockquote>

    iTunes 2 in OS X worked that way too, though the fact that iTunes 3 uses live resizing and doesn't have any resizing problems in terms of quickness or quality is a testament to good, mature code.

    iPhoto is at 1.1.1, of which the .1 update added the brightness/contrast features, and maybe some performance increase, I can't really remember since it's been so long. I'm anxious to see how version 2 does. Unlike the OS updates, the iApps seem to incorporate noth features and performance issues as prorities with the major updates. That partly explains why the iApps take so long to update. (I think the really long delay in iMovie was also because they were movng it to Cocoa .nibs.)
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    noseynosey Posts: 307member
    My main concern with iPhoto, besides the usual speed issues, is the archiving.

    Does it allow you to save a bunch of files to a CD, name the CD as a numbered CD, and then give you the option of deleting the files from the computer, while maintaining the thumbnails.

    If you see a file you recognize in the preview thumbnails, and click on it, the program tells you "Please insert CD # __ in the cd drive" or "That file is on "BlahQuest # 5" CD."

    And will it allow you to drag a folder into iPhoto and have the roll of film retain the folder's name. If I decide to drag several folders in right now, they all end up in the same roll, even though they may have been taken several years ago. Not the best way to look them up ("When did I put the in iPhoto" instead of "When did I take them")
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    There are times for me when iTunes just stops for, like, 30 seconds, with the spinny rainbow thing. It just gets suspended for a while, like it's loading in all its custom classes (it's not native Cocoa widgets, if you didn't know). Annoys the hell out of me.
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    Noticed a world of a difference in iPhoto when I moved up from a iMac DV SE at 400 MHz & iBook at 500 to a MDD at 1 Gig. Don't know if it is the speed boost, the two processors, the faster bus, etc. but there is absolutely no comparison. I can now manage 1000 pics with no delay whereas before I suffered with only a 100.
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