Apple Care: Iphone software update coming in the next week or two

in iPhone edited January 2014
This came from Apple's Iphone Apple Care support, so take it with a grain of salt:

I called in to complain that my battery wasn't holding a charge very well. Even after charging it overnight, it still did not show the full battery charge. The Settings > About still showed the last full charge was days ago, even tho it sat on the charger overnight for 8 hours.

I called Apple, ended up with IPhone apple care. I was hoping it was a known hardware issue, and that they would happily swap it out, but the girl said it was a known "software" issue, and that there will be a software fix through Itunes in the next week or two.

I didn't see a post about this, and even though it's my first post, this is what I was told. (She also said I could send it in for a 29$ repair, and after telling her she just told me the battery life was a software issue and a fix wouldn't be out for a week, she said they could do "something". huh?)


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