Apple flagships pull their weight, crown new king on Fifth Ave



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    Some of you guys wonder why Apple wants to build another store in New York.

    You gotta' spend money to make money. The 5th Ave Apple store is packed to the point of being uncomfortable most of the time. You practically had to fight to use a demo iPhone when it was first released.

    True to a point. There are several physical production studios in Hollywood itself. Paramount is the only major studio company in Hollywood. The majority are in the North Hollywood/ Burbank area. While Sony Pictures Studio and several other companies are also in the Santa Monica/ Culver City area.

    The Grove has far more foot traffic than any of the other shopping areas where Apple Stores are located. 4th Street shopping district may be the closest to The Grove while The Beverly Center is dead much of the time.

    I didn't realize that there is life east of the 405.
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