Design details and teardown photos of Apple's new iMacs



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    Originally Posted by iPoster View Post

    Aluminum is non-ferrous, therefore non-magnetic. Apparently they have done away with the magnetic attachment for the remote...

    well, you know, what's the point of keeping the remote right next to the machine?! my apple remote lives on the other side of the room!
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    Well, that was indeed most refreshing and enthralling discourse!

    ... and for the record meh_2, you've won my heart. You speak more fluently than most native English speakers, so I applaud whoever taught you.

    If I can add to the reasons why people enjoy teardowns, personally it's so that I can marvel at the way Apple has managed to fit the components into the machine in question. Each machine they make is aesthetically quite beautiful and in some way pushes the envelope in terms of form following function. I'm always intrigued to find that they've manufactured and organised a chip-board a certain way, or placed a fan here or there. I suppose it's just my inner geek wanting to have an 'ah-ha!' moment.


    P.S, apologies for bumping this up. My mistake, I found the thread through Google and didn't check the date...
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